How many lbs and inches did you lose in the first 2 months?


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Well I'm back again, as I've posted already and said. I've got something coming up almost exactly 2 months after I restart. I didn't make it through a full 2 months SS 100% of the time, I did 5, then went on holiday, then did a few weeks, then had to come off plan because of finances.

So if you've kept a record, can you post saying what inches and pounds you lost. I'm trying to work out what's a realistic goal to aim for. Though I know we're all different so I can't just go oh so and so lost this, I should too. Is just for a rough idea :)

Anyone else noticed how much busier these boards are now?! I remember we said a couple of months ago it would be like that though, all the new years resolution people! :D
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I'm not sure if I've still got my card with my original weight loss details but I'll see if I can dig it out later. I was virtuously good that first time I did CD - I did it to the letter for the first 5 months and lost 5 and a half stones (I can't remember how many inches though).

Having said that, at various times I've been sad enough to work it out from an energy in / energy out point of view, using basal metabolic rates for height and build etc and consuming 3 CD packs a day (SS), and came to the conclusion that it shouldn't be possible to lose much more than 3.5 pounds a week (on average). That's why, I think, some weeks you lose 2 pounds and other weeks you lose 5 - it all averages out in the end.

So I think you can reckon on losing half a pound a day - on average. So in 2 months - say 60 days - you can lose 30 pounds. But in the first 2 months, you usually lose a bit more than that anyway, so maybe 35 pounds? Some of it depends on how much you weigh to start with, of course. The bigger you are to start with, the more it'll be.

Like I said, I'll see if I can find my original cards later...


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S: 20st3.5lb C: 19st13.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.41%)
Well that's what I figured, it's generally slightly more at first, and then slows down a bit. I guess if I take that I lost 25lbs in my first 4 weeks of SS, and then the average of 1st a month for the second month, I could aim for about that. It's more that I need to think about the inches so I can try and work out a rough size of what I might be so I can keep an eye out for outfits! Though I'm planning on waiting until closer to the time, it's just in case I find something perfect before hand that can't wait!

Oh and thanks for your reply, is appreciated :)


please try again
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my first 8 weeks i lost 38lb and my cdc only measures my waist ( thou she needs a biology lesson cos that aint my waist she measures ) and first 8 weeks lost 7 inches from it


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As far as inches go, everyone is different. Completely. You can loose inches from all over your body. The first place I lost from was my hips, then my thighs. My waist took much longer. I know you are eager to know where from and how much roughly (we've all been there Caro) But the truth of it is, only time will tell.

I remember your difficult journey, with going away and finances and being unable to stick to it for long. It may be an idea to get a routine going that fits around your lifestyle. I get the impression you are good at organising these things from our previous chats - once you get back on track (apart from the first month when you may loose some more) you will average at 1 stone per month. Usually I find each 1.5 stone I loose I go down a size in clothes.

Saying this, everyone is different. You are a lot taller than me and may loose from different places. So it is hard to say how much you will loose in inches and where from. Everyone varies.

Hugs x x x