how many of us find evenings the worst ?


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Hi I have just got back from picking the kids up, they have gone out to play for an hour..........mmmmm boredom is setting in. I now realise that before starting this diet I would of been reaching for a biscuit, packet of crisps or such like, my mind started working overtime and realised I needed to take emergency action........ hence I am now talking to you guys to take my mind off it.

Firstly ...thank goodness for this site or I think I may of crumbled but now I have you I should be fine.

Everytime I get that feeling I will come on here. phew that was close.

Eternally grateful SONKIE
I don't mind evenings, I have absolutely no reason to go into the kitchen then (apart from to get water but if you fil up couple of 2 litre bottles you're sorted)
early evening is bad after 8pm i'm as good as gold !! but from 3-8 sooooo wobbly .......must do some diy in the new year keep me occupied !! x
Susan you and me are the same, they are the same sort of times I find hardest.
Nice to know your not alone though, and that its all part of the big change.

I just thought about what I wrote there and probably look a bit smug or something with my answer, but my excuse is I work with food, am surrounded by it and handling it all day makes evenings so much easier.
Evenings are worst for me, normally I would have snacked my way through it with biccies, cheese and crackers etc. Now I have foodpack 3 at 6pm ish and my last one at about 9pm. Luckily I am not hungry so it isn't a real need for food on this diet. I do get a desire for nice things in the evening but try to keep busy and not feel deprived. I mean I could have stuff if I wanted to, but I don't really want to break this diet.
I know where your coming from, I used to snack all through evening, I am not hungry but I think it had become a habit, which I am hoping will never come back EVER!
Yes, it is just that, a habit ! usually emotional eating for me too, like poor me I have had a tough day I need the energy or I deserve a treat etc etc. So many excuses I could write a book ! I never want to go back there either. I thought I was being nice to myself but looking at it now I think I was in self-destruct mode !
Mee too I'm all 11 1/2 hours in work great but when I come home the first thing I do is go to the fridge:(, i'm not hungry its just habbit... I keep going to it opening it and I have a huge battle not to take something out of it... And if I go to the loo in the night I just want to divert into the kitchen:(...I sometimes find myself in the fridge when i'm trying to fill up the loo roll holder, a pickled onion in one had and a loo roll in the other:)
Its so true we do go to the fridge/cupboards out of habit, and after so many years of this it is very hard to break that habit. Its was very rare that I used to eat because I was physically hungry, so hopefully whilst on the diet I will grow out of this. Though I have found this site brill, if I feel like I may cave in I will come and post a few replys etc.

Thanks minimins

Evenings use to be my danger time as I would sit in front of the tv and have my TREATS...

But what I struggle with is Saturdays...

Love Mini xxx
I hate weekends , as hubby works back shift 3-12.30 he not usually around for tea so he does the boys sandwiches so Im not tempted but when the week end is here all they seem to do is eat.

Me too!!

Hi guys! Hope you are all ok?!

Don't get me wrong, evenings are a right pain in the bum, but weekends are my most annoying as I am not in my normal routine you know? More smells etc to deal with if you go into town to keep yourself occupied....more temptation and guilt (well me anyway!)....

Well, lets just keep at it the best we can!! :)

love cat x
Yeh I agree the evenings are the worst time for me aswell. Its usually when I get back from work so anytime from 6pm until I go to bed.

I want to spend more time in the gym in the evenings by just using the toning tables or chillin out in the sauna as it will keep my mind occupied!!

Ive started having baths now which I never used to before! (only showers!) & I got loads of loads of bubble bath for xmas. Ive also been watchin more TV and I cant wait for the new series of desperate housewifes to start!

Evenings are by far the hardest time for me as i get so low and really notice that i am not eating anything.Yesterday evening was a disaster as i ended up eating 2 handful of peanuts,not salted and one small piece of cake.I really hated myself as i thought i'd last the week at least.:mad:

so the plan is to go to bed early today to avoid the temptation.
Hi Guys,

I do usually struggle with evenings as well, even when I'm in full blown ketosis and not hungry. It is just habit, i'm convinced. My PC is in the kitchen though and I think I need to look at that in the New Year and maybe do some furniture shifting.

Anything to make this a little eaier, eh?:D
I firmly believe that it really is a case of distraction for all of us....I am the worst one for sticking my head in and out of cupboards all the time when I am bored or just out of sheer habit, but the times when I am busy doing other things (being on here, doing my cross-stitch sample, waxing my legs....) I don't even realise that the moment has passed and that I have not even tried to look!

It is hard work I know, but if it wasn't for you guys on here, I really don't know how I would cope!! :D

Take care guys xx

Cat x
I used to find the evenings that hardest, and with being an late bedgoer and early riser, the day just went on and on.

I also hated the idea to be 'finished' with food for the day and know I could not have anything else.

To get around it, I used to have only half a bar for dinner, then save the other half for the late evening with a big coffee and promise of peace.

Became a very important part of my day and gave me something to look forward to :)