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How many of you cheat...?

I dont mean in a big way, I just mean how many of you tend to pick at food on a daily basis?

Its just that I have been on CD for 5 weeks now (5th weigh in tomorrow) and I have lost 19lb but for the past 2 weeks I keep picking at food. Its never carbs but I do tend to keep eating things like chicken, turkey, ham and sometimes cheese. I guess it is that vicous circle of once you start, its very hard to stop the bad habit.

Its like today, I forgot to bring something for lunch and so bought some chicken peices from M&S. Only 140g and the calories are under 160 for the whole pack. Is this really bad?

It hasnt seemed to effect my weight loss, I just dont know how I am going to get back on it properly.....
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This is the last time!!
Not me, angel that I am, 5 weeks in and shakes/occasional bar all the way.
Dare not try food for the fear of reverting to old habits.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey i finished cd a couple weeks ago after doing it for 7 weeks, and after 2 or 3 weeks i started to pick just like you, but yea was never carbs just little bits of chicken, ham, houmas, salad etc and didnt really effect my weight loss. but i did find it harder to stay on, hence why i came off it as having bits of food now and again made me want real food again. so i guess if you're looking at staying on cd for a lot longer i would try and stop the picking xxx good luck


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I am only on my 2nd week and so far the thought of cheating hasnt even crossed my mind, im gonna stick to this 100% as i know its working for me, i keep thinking why would i cheat? whats the point when im paying £40+ a week,
I'm gonna have a day off though in September for my bro's wedding then i will be straight back on it again.

Well...i was on CD for 9 weeks, then 5 weeks. And once i start picking it all seems to go wrong for me as i lose control and end up bingeing!
I am on day 4 of my restart and have picked everyday just at a little bit of chicken but my heart just does not seem to be in it.
If i were you...though im not and its only my advice i would try and hit it on the head before it escalates!
The only way i stop- though i cant seem to do it this time is treat every day as a success if i dont- but at the moment i have the same problem :)


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Never cheated lol xx


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Its not really worth cheating hun, as it just serves to prolong the agony. If you forget a pack, just have water till you get home, there's no reason why you can't go a bit longer in the day. Some people don't have any packs at all during the day and have them all in the evening. It doesn't really matter when you have them, just that you have them AND NOTHING ELSE! x x x Try not to pick hunny its a very slippery slope x


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Please please please dont pick it ends up i a HUGE blow out trust me im talking from experience I have come off and starting maintence next week cause i cant do it anymore xxx


please try again
if you cant go without a bit of food have you thought about doing ss+?


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If you feel the need to choose to eat (I hate the word "cheat") then maybe you should consider moving onto SS+ and then you can have the small amount of protein/salad without the guilt of "cheating".

Also, the losses are practically the same.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.:)
the only cheating I guess I do is having a bit of coke zero once a week, but never food. I think if you're doing SS you have to go for it and the thing I like about SS is the not eating part as it makes it easier - for me anyway x
I have a Diet Coke every day, and some days I have some protein (eg chicken) or veg (eg spinach) as a supplement. I try not to feel guilty about it, but sometimes it's a need. Like last night, after cycling home (45 min -- at my pace, over 400 cal) and having done the same in the morning, I really just felt the need for protein. I calculate that my basal metabolic rate uses 1600 cal per day, and then I'm using another 800 cycling. The 550 for CD just doesn't feel like enough. I was shaking by the time I got home last night. I don't feel guilty. I've lost 1.4 pounds in 3 days this week already. My only suggestion is to monitor it well and not post on the 100% CD forum!

Also, at some point, we do need to learn to cope in society...
I like to pick I must admit, but the way around it is to do SS+.

I cut up my protein (chicken etc) and put it in the fridge, then whenever I feel like picking I attack the ss+ allowance in the fridge.

I find that it gets me through without cheating, where as if I had the whole thing all at once (which I have tried) I just can't seem to stop.

This way I can have my little bit of food whenever I feel like it without the guilt.

Hope that helps!
I only tend to pick when i get anxious about chest pains and think its my heart. I know its my anxiety and try to calm myself down but sometimes i get too anxious and feel like i cant breath and having a little piece of chicken or abit of cucumber usually helps me fell abit at ease. Thats always been an issue for me on CD and it really annoys me, but i cant find any other way around it.

But i would defo advise not to pick at food. It is a vicious cycle and if it doesn'tt affect your weightloss you get into a mindset of cheating and its hard to get out of it.


i realised that i started picking on the 4th week and then after that i just couldnt stop myself and i ended up eating junk lots of junk. so thats y ive put 2lbs back on

ive started again today slowly working my way to ss+ and this timeno cheating at all because its soooooooooooooo hard to get back on track

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