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How many Shoes sizes did you go down?


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I went from a size 11 (very wide), and now a sweet little size 9 (regularish). Cool eh :D
I went from a size 11 (very wide), and now a sweet little size 9 (regularish). Cool eh :D


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Lurve from Leah with size 3 feets x
Funny that! I used to be a size 6 years ago when I was much lighter, and when I put on the weight, I started to wear a 7. Just before I started CD, I found that and 8 was becoming the new 'size'. That is what made me start this diet, as I have always been an 'Imelda Marcus' woman, once owning over 250 pairs of shoes!!! Hopefully I will be able to wear some of these shoes again!
Wow thats amazing!
I am size 6 whether i will get to a size 5 (hmm not sure) we will see.


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I think it depends if you've already got naturally wide feet (without having extra pounds too).
My feet got so wide when I was big that they wouldn't fit into normal shoes unless I bought a bigger size, but the shoes were probably actually too long, just with my pudgy toddler feet squished into them :rolleyes:
I do have what theey call flat feet , i live in trainers as i can never feel comfortable in shoes and they dont last long as the wear down on the side, quite annoying.I would love to get in knee high boots, keep trying them on in the shops and can never do them up over my ankles let alone my calves.I have always had chunky calves and thighs.I have noticed i have lost some weight on my my thighs as my shorts have got loose and look silly on me now.


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When I got to target a few years ago (before the 'blip' :rolleyes:) I was a size 8, but had no chance of getting my calves into 90% of knee high boots on the market. Most women must have legs like willowy pipe-cleaners compared to mine!

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