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How many syns do you use?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by taylorwantstobetrim, 26 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. taylorwantstobetrim

    taylorwantstobetrim Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering how many syns some of you use on average each day? Do you aim to stick to a certain amount and have you experimented with the amount some weeks? I am curious as to how syn amounts affects individuals weight loss.
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  3. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Well-Known Member

  4. xbecky11

    xbecky11 Active Member

    I aim to have between 5-15 a day. If I go over one day then the next I'll only have about 3-5. On the average day I probably have about 9. I can't say how syn amounts affect weight loss but a couple of years ago I did slimming world over the summer. I lost quite a bit of weight on it but I really avoided syns, which meant that when I stopped SW I hadn't really mastered self-control with sweets and crisps so I ended up overdoing them. So this time round I'm making a concious effort to treat myself in moderation.
  5. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Well-Known Member

    I must admit I don't use my syns at all, but that's only because that's my way of controlling the sweet urges! If i used the syns I would find it hard to stop at the 5-10! Each to their own though! I still have a good losses :)
  6. Phoenix_Girl

    Phoenix_Girl Well-Known Member

    I prefer to have under 5 per day, I will go up to 10 although it's out of my comfort zone.

    If I have something big planned or fall off the wagon a bit, it does at least allow me a little room without feeling like the week has been a complete disaster.

    Not everyone does this, some think it's too low but that's just me :)
  7. sunnyshine

    sunnyshine Member

    I try to stick to under 12, when I first started SW a few years ago I was told that for my weight, I should stick to 12 syns. So I've kind of always used that. Except when I was completely off the wagon. When I first did SW I would use as few as possible, but as someone else said, it really did not help me master keeping myself in check. Sure, I lost weight and relatively quickly, but I hadn't fully got the hang of all the SW principles. So on went the weight again. Now I am struggling with guilty feelings about using syns, but I know that ultimately it will stop me feeling deprived.

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