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how many syns on average do u use a day?


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Mine can vary hun - anywhere between about 5 and 15 (with the occasional blip where I go over :giggle:). One piece of advice I was told is to try and use more syns at the beginning. At least if the weight loss starts to slow down you can reduce your syns slightly which might help to get the weight shifting again :)

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It really depends on the day. I've only been on the plan for nearly two weeks, but I find that in the beginning of the week it can be as low as 1 or 2, but nearing the end of the week (like today!) I find myself craving crisps and chocolatey/sweet things, so I've been using up to about 10.

If I make an OK loss this week, then I'll probably just stick with these amounts of syns.
thank u 4 the replies im glad im not the only one who hasnt been using all my syn quota this is my 2nd week and the max i have used all week is 11.5 the lowest is 5.5 x


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When I was losing I always used the full 15... sometimes, but rarely, a little less, and sometimes a little more.
Now that I am maintaining, despite the fact that I upped my HEXs and was still losing, I sometimes stay at 15 but often have 30 or 40. If I start putting on beyond my target, I will cut back again.


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I allow myself 15 a day but use around 12 normally. Went to my first group today and the consultant said to have at least 8 syns a day. Hope this helps. x


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I like to keep mine at 10 syns a day or less. Sometimes I go as high as 15 but I usually stay under 10.


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UNtil only a few months ago - i made sure i had all 15. these days - i go with whatever it takes to ensure that i don't feel "done by" or what comes along during the day. Sometimes that means 10/12, sometimes that means 7. Today it could have meant 2.5 until i sneaked a pack of reduced price sushi and a mini-milk in to bump it up to 6.5.

The thing is - if you need them - use them. if you don't don't worry - though i wouldn't advocate skipping them completely though. There are there to help you stick to the plan.


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I'm trying to use mine more as I'd usually have 1.5 syns a day, max. I have between 3 and 12ish but aiming to have 8-12.
My consultant said to to try to stick to around 10 syns on average, start of the week i usually use around 5 but increases through the week, have lost 8 pounds over the last 4 weeks so averaging around 2 pounds a week which suits me well, i stone to go now.:)


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My C always says use at least 10 is possible but you have 15 to use if you wish x


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Mine depend greatly on how I'm feeling and what I'm craving too but also where I am affects them aswell. Most days I would use probably no more than 6 syns but if I'm craving sugar then I'll use the full 15 and not feel guilty about it at all. Some days when I'm totally focused I'll have no syns at all.

If I have a really bad day and go way over my syns I still count them so that I can make sure they are taken into account with my weekly total so its not over 105 syns.

I used to use my syns only for sugar snacks like chocolate and icecream but I did n't think I was learning about having things in moderation (I'd like to get to the point where I dont crave chocolate etc every single day) so now I use my syns for other things like mayonaise, salad cream, snack a jacks and so on. :p
I wish I could use about 10 a day. Some days I do, but on average 4 days out of 7 I have gone over. Although I am happy with this as on average I have lost a little over 1lb a week which is what I want. I find its not snacks, but some ingredients that bring me over: 1 syn here, 2 syns there soon adds up.

Although saying that last week I STS, but I was naughty and did eat a whole tub of Haagen Daaz Ice Cream at once :busted: This was a one off and I wouldnt do it every week.

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