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How many syns...........

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by time4action, 18 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. time4action

    time4action Full Member

    Right this is a how many syns question.

    I was forced, forced I tell ya to have take away tonight. My son was waving all sorts of menus at me and he wanted Indian. So I got out my book and scanned all the indian options for either red/green as I've not had either day yet today. Nothing indian fitted so I told him that he could have something and that I'd just make something at home. I got the "Kevin Teenage Sulk" and he said if I wasnt having anything then he wasnt either.

    So I compromised. He called the Indian and ordered what he wanted and I called the Chinese and ordered what I wanted, well not what I wanted but what I thought was acceptable.

    So off I went up to the high street and visited not 1 but 2 takeaways and came home with a............

    Vegetable Chow Mein for me !

    So how many syns ?

    I've had no syns today so far and only a muller light and apple for lunch and a bunch of grapes this afternoon as a snack so I think I'm ok but I want to write the syns down as I'm doing a record this week.

    Thanks :D
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  3. Nanny Jax

    Nanny Jax getting back on track

    According to main book Beefchow is 8.5, and it's 7.0 for chick chow on green no mention of veg chow but it must be around there. Jax x
  4. Nanny Jax

    Nanny Jax getting back on track

    Beef chow on red is 13.5
    Chick chow is 11.5 If we say you are on a green day, with noodles free, veg free, so syn wise just sauce to count i'd say 4? Jax x
  5. time4action

    time4action Full Member

    Well I've put down 6 just to be on the safe side.

    Thanks Nanny J x
  6. Nanny Jax

    Nanny Jax getting back on track

    Happy to help you are well safe if you count 6. Jax x

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