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How many times a day can we "cook" LL shakes?

My LL counsellor said we should only cook one pack a day as it kills off some of the nutrients and minerals.. I know what you mean about it being hard to get 4 in but stick with it, it's important to stay healthy! :)


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Thanks! I wondered if it was to do with fluid intake, so you have put me straight! Its a shame as I find eating a microwaved "Muffin" so much easier than downing yet another soup or shake...
The shakes can be a bit much, sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in liquid! I've found it helps to have one as a cafe latte in the afternoon at work cos it feels a bit like I'm just having a coffee rather than a meal.. Depends if you like coffee I s'pose ;)


has started again!!
I was a complete coffee addict, always in Cafe Nero (my personal favourite) or making my own latte at home with my espresso machine. It now lies idle as I can only handle the occasional black coffee. I like it after a meal (Some hope for the near future!! LOL) but as a regular thing its a no go. I cant abide the vanilla shake. makes me gag. Its a shame tho as I have been told before a bout the coffee in it as a treat! I seem to be incredibly fussy dont I.... how the heck did I get to 20 stone then???

Truth is I am not fussy really, just a very greeeeeedy fat pig who is desparate to change her ways...

I'm not keen on vanilla on its own so i put 2 spoonfuls of coffee in it to hide the taste a bit ;) i started at just over 20 stone but i've never been fussy!! so that might be part of the problem. i too am hoping that this programme will refine my taste buds and force me to change my ways :) only 9 nine stone to go :rolleyes:


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I'm another who can't stand the vanilla one - thought it was one of the worst things I've ever had to eat. I'm not taking the other one I've got back though as my 14yr old wants to make me a Mars Bar by mixing it with the chocolate ... hopefully I'll survive :)



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yep your'e right l l advice only one cooked pack a day... however dare I say that if it meant you were struggling to get the 4 packs a day, if you occassionaly cooked more than one pack, you'd still be getting more nutrients etc if you cooked it by not having it at all.... Obv don't make a habbit of it...

editing to say - if you do 'cook' a pack, you should drink extra water as obv you're not getting the water that you would be if you were making a shake/soup
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I cook my last pack to make a chocolate muffin every day, which is my dinner, but on occasion I'll also make lemon cookies if I'm having a "must have something sweet" moment.

As with all things, once in a while won't hurt you, but daily double cooking could make you feel rather unwell. My LLC had someone in her group who cooked them all and she felt like death all the time - this diet is hard enough without that problem too!


has started again!!
Thanks everyone! I am going to make a concerted effort to get all 4 packs down from now on, and only cook one a day. With a nut crunch, a cooked pack, a soup and a choc shake I hope to cope with it all. I have been feeling really queasy this week, and oh so tired, whereas I felt great last week. Perhaps this is the result of too few packs?
Hi - youa re only supposed to have one cooked pack a day but I have two and have had since week 3 (on week 8) and I just make sure I drink more water - weight loss si fine between 3 - 5 pounds a week and I know I am still getting the nutrients as my skin and hair have never been so good - not wishing to make you cook more than one a day but I honestly can't get throught the day without doing it.

Thought I was going to cry when I tasted the vanilla - it is the devils food !!!