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how many times do u eat


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looking at peoples menus for the day i noticed a lot of u have ur bf, lunch and dinner and a few snacks. thing is i would probably go back for food in between...i thought u could. like if i had jacket and beans at 12 might want that again at 4? and then after dinner...if im up late go have some syn free chips quite late....

am i eating too much...as in are u allowed to eat as much but only 3 times a day?
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I have a huge cooked breaky everyday at about 10.30 so thats my dinner and breakfast. I have some fruit and yogurts inbetween and then a nice big tea. Then a couple of vodkas to finish off the day and relax. xxx
I try to only eat fruit and yoghurt between my meals but if I am hungry then I will eat! If we have our evening meal about 5.30 then I will want something else about 9.30 or so and I'll have it but if we eat later then I won't. If it's free food and i'm hungry, i'll eat it!
Before I started I used to go to work and not eat til 2pm which would be a sandwich then as soon as i got home (absoloutly starving)i would eat constantly til bed time. Ive found with this plan I make myself have breakfast, lunch and dinner and have fruit or yoghurt as snacks in between and try not to eat after 7pm. I feel a lot better for it i have more energy through the day and my mood is lot better (dont come home so ratty). I think you have to look at what suits your lifestyle but make sure you dont leave it too long between meals as your more likely to binge.
I also eat inbetween meals. If I want something I'll have it x
me too, most of the time it will be fruit and/or mullerlights, but sometimes I will have some eggs, or bacon or use my syns and have chocolate/crisps etc, so really don't worry about how much you are eating as long as it is free food and while ever you are losing weight, its really not important


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I mostly only snack on fruit and yogurt, but I have been known to have 2 dinners if I'm still hungry and the first one wasn't enough! I also sometimes pick at things like leftover sw chips in the fridge while I'm getting the milk out for my cuppa.
I just eat when i am feeling hungry and if i fancy a snack i tend to have healthier things than i used to like a bit of fruit or a muller light. I would usually have my breakfast mid morning, lunch about 1.30 and my tea about 7. I find that fills me up enough!


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thanks for the replies.... hmm...jus had pasta about an hour ago but im so hungry again so making chips (SW ones) and it feels wrong?
go for it - i've had dinner at 6pm, then pasta and beanfeast bolognaise at 10pm before and it never affected my loss.


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hhahaaa i'm about 2 eat 2 packets of cheese curl crisps (like quavers) as i haven't had many sins today. i'm not even hungry but it's a nice little treat. :)
yay makes me feel im not doing something wrong now....yummm chips...right now asda have rolled back their pre prepared maris piper potatoes to 50p...so no need to peel them... just cut, boil, rough em up, overn and into my mouth!!:p