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how much 1st week?

it depends on how much work you put in - if you really go for it and eat lots of speed foods you can lose up to 7/8/9lb however it does also depend on your size to begin with.

Just had my first weigh in but I used all my syns over the past 2 days before weigh in so wasn't as much as what I could've done - 3.5lb first week :) good luck!! x
Wow 8.5 in a week well done. I'm hoping I can do about 7,last time round I did 5 in 1st week but I did cheat a lot back then.bTime will tell. If piled on 10 pounds in 2 months feel so much heavier,need to get that off quick so I can fit in my summer clothes not squeeze in em lol x


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Ha ha @clare_lou2909 - that's what prompted me. Away on hols in 2 weeks & all my summer clothes looked horrendous as they were bursting at seams.

Re: weight loss. Yes, was delighted with such a huge bump in loss tho if I'm totally honest I would have loved a big 1st week loss & then low but consistent weight loss each week after. My average is ~2lbs a week but it's happening in bursts!!!
First time I did slimming world a few years back I lost 7lbs but this time round just 1lb followed by 3.5 the following week xx


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I lost 4lb my first week. Sadly not had a loss like it since :(
My mum (who has abit more to lose than me) lost 9lb, and she did a bit of cheating (in her first week! Tut tut).
I see this post is a few weeks old, how did you get on?
The first time I ever did SW a few years ago I lost 6.5 lb the first week. Just restarted and after a full week on plan, I lost only half a pound. I think the more your body is used to the plan (i.e. if it's not your first time eating this way) and how much you have to lose really affect your first week's losses.

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