How much before Christmas?


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I started today and my aim is to loose between 18 and 25 lbs before xmas...whether this happens or not is a different situation!

I would really love to stay on plan over xmas but we r going to my family and I fear I will have to settle for a low carb xmas dinner.


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I would like to be in the 12 stone range and try to stay in that over christmas if possible - 13.6 at the moment :)


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I started close to the beginning to November so I want to lose 2 stone before xmas. My xmas ticker shows my progress, i'm well on my way. I intend on going completely off plan for a few days over xmas. Probably just 25th-27th/28th and then getting straight back on it as I want to lose at least another stone and a half for V day. Hoping to bag myself a date with a certain fella haha! :p
FF :eek:


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Good incentive Ff! I am hoping to get down to 15.9 for Christmas, that's two stone from start weight at beginning of November..... X


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And I am.coming off fot Christmas, jus honna take it easy x


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Aww, you guys are aiming to lose about the same as me I think, in the same kind of area anyway! Will be nice to have some people aiming for the same... needing some motivation I think. Are you all on 100%?
You're all doing really well!
I think I will try and be as healthy as possible over xmas but due to going home and seeing old friends I know I will have to come off for a few days as I am planning on drinking. Then it will just be a case of getting back to it... that will be the most difficult thing I think.
You enjoying your weekend?



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I dont really have a clue what to do over Christmas. My food week falls on 19/12 - 25/12, then I go away on 29/12 for new year.

I have a christmas do planned on 19/12 and I would like to have Christmas day and Boxing day off as we visit family and I also have a planned family buffet on 28th.

Do you think it would be possible to do TS over Christmas period but just have the above days off rather than having my working solution week commencing 19/12?

When im away for new year I plan on doing a mixture of TS and WS as we have some planned family meals that week, especially new years eve.

Can anyone advise, wold it be ok not to have my food week but just have days off instead?

My first weigh day tomorrow and ideally I would liek to have lost my first stone by Christmas.


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I would love to be in the 11s by christmas :) My next AAM week is christmas week. Looking forward to it :)


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Sorry guys... What's AAM?

Its my 2nd day... Do you think I could lose 21lb by Xmas? I am doing total source and weigh 13.0 at start.



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AAM is add a meal :)


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I'm hoping to hit the fifteens before Christmas, the lowest I have been in years.

There is no way I am breaking this diet just for the sake of a roast dinner as I know once I do that I might as well kiss this diet goodbye. It has taken me five years and five attempts at VLCD to get into the right head place to come this far. I am not screwing it up now. lol And besides missing one christmas meal out of loads that I have over indulged in over the years isn't going to hurt me. I think this will be the first time ever that I'll lose weight over christmas. :cool:


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Midnight sparks, I am with you.... I have been on a vlcd on and off for 2 years! Try it, lose a bit of weight put it back on :-(. this is the last time for me too.