How much cals do you use

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  1. xlilxmissxbx

    xlilxmissxbx Member

    I guys after doing Slimming World I feel I'm in a rut. Fed up eating the same things and I thought I would give cal counting a go.

    So how much cals do you all have a day? Xx
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  3. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Well-Known Member

    I find the my fitness pal app very useful it will calculate how many calories you need depending on your weight, it has the calories of everything on there and you record your diary each day, if you exercise it gives you more, i started off with slim fast but im not doing cal counting along side it, its been the easiest diet for me and ive lost 8lb in 2 weeks, good luck
  4. xlilxmissxbx

    xlilxmissxbx Member

    Hi Jessie

    Thanks for replying, I've downloaded that app it's been my best pal lol it's so helpful and makes cc a lot easier. I went with the bmi thing I found on nhs site said I should be having 1400 so doing that. Really enjoying it and having the freedom of eating what I want. Still eating healthy tho :) xxx
  5. jessiemurf

    jessiemurf Well-Known Member

    I'm the same hun I have 1400 and I still get to eat plenty :) I go to the gym a few nights a week and do 30-40 mins cardio and the app stores the cals I've burned and let's me eat more. Its been a god send.

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