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How much can I expect to lose?


So this is the first time I've been on a diet. I'm 20 years old, and have always been able to control my weight via just generally watching what I eat. I'm currently in my second year at uni though, and with the huge workload lately, I let things slip a bit.

My mother started the sole source plan last week, and I decided to give it a go with her from this week. Literally all I'm having up until Christmas Day is the shakes and soups (can't stand the porridge), and on Christmas Day I certainly don't intend to go mad. Will just have a few veggies for dinner. I have 3 of these a day.

I was planning on going shopping for clothes of Boxing Day, to raid the sails with my Christmas money and some savings, and was wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark figure of how much I'm likely to lose by then?

I started the diet this morning, am 5 foot 6 tall, and currently weight 11st 10lb.

As an additional question, I'd like to get back down to 9st 7lb, which is what I used to be. How long is that likely to take?

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Hi I started at 11stone 3 and lost 2 stone so far in 8 weeks - I have another 7 pounds to go

Im only 5foot2 though

Id say it should take you about 10 weeks but everyone is different but a stone every 4 weeks is average loss for most x


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Hi iv been doin gentle exercuse such as a little light weughts to tone my arms and gentle wrk out for my legs thighs and bum.everyones noticed a little difference i dont go mad altho i do jog 20min on the threadmill on my day off and iv seem to still be losing weight


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sammyzip50 said:
HI Lara,

Your looking great! Have you being doing some exercise while on the plan?

Hey thanks!! I have just been walking to and from work most days (it's 45/50 min each way) but other than that no exercise yet!! I did go to the gym in first week but read that high intensity workouts cause you to use muscle stores for energy as the fat stores are not sufficient so if u do make sure it's low intensity. X


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I don't do any exercise at all and have lost 3 st 13 lbs in just 10 weeks :) I find everyone is different but most seem to average at a stone a month (other than first month which is usually a bigger loss) I guess I am just very very lucky :) Good luck with your losses all xx


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Hi Lara & Mishie,

Your both doing and looking great! Isn't body shape and toning an issue? I know everyone is different but with fast weight loss isn't more of an issue? I even noticed as I'm getting older my shape (for the worse) has changed without rapid loss and doing exercise.



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Nope for me it is fine have not got any excess skin what so ever have a few stretch marks from when I was big but they have gone silver and do not even sag at all. I am not planning on exercising until I start maintenance steps :)


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Hey - exercise at maintenance is what I'm gonna do too! My body has adapted quite well so far but I lost 2 stone so I imagine for those losing like 5 it would be more significant an issue with toning. However I would like to be strong n fit n look it too so I will exercise once shifted the last 7 pounds x


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I am losing 6 stone in total and have lost 4 already and still no problem with lose skin :) When I spoke to my consultant as I was soo shocked I had no lose skin lose she did advise that you do not need to excercise until maintenance unless you wish to. Personally I love not having to as it makes the diet so easy to follow with a busy lifestyle :)


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Oh that's great news :) well done and keep up the good work

Ps I'm loving not exercising too lol
Thanks to everyone for the replies. ^^

I wouldn't noramlly get weighed mid-week, but I was curious so did this morning. I've lost 3.5lb already :) Only been on it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Still got the rest of Friday, all Saturday, all Sunday and Monday day-time left before going back to get weighed. ^^ We see our consultant on Monday evening.

Well chuffed with that. ^^

Have found the diet fairly easy too, so far. Been having the shakes and soups, and just water. Can't stand the porridge! It was like wallpaper paste! XD


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Hehe think lots of us get impatient waiting til weigh in day!!

WELL DONE - use that great news as motivation to keep going now x