How much can I lose in 12 weeks?


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Hi all,

I thought I'd post and introduce myself as I've registered on the site so that I can help myself stay motivated for my wedding, which is about 12 1/2 weeks away!! (Post XMAS!!!).

I've been doing the Cambridge Diet since around April and have not been an angel - when I'm good I'm good and when I'm bad I have a good time. But, what I really need is to get into my wedding dress. I've lost about 3 - 4 stone so far, but I want to lose as much as possible before the big day.

I need to stay focussed, so any support and help would be really appreciated :) .

However, my question for you is... what is the maximum amount of weight that you have lost in 12 weeks? I'd like to lose at least 3 stone and I'd just like to have some kind of belief that it's possible to keep me focussed :)
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hi Lottie..

I have lost 2 stone in 6 weeks so far, so i really think if you stick to the diet 100% you could easy loose 3 stone in 12 weeks..

Good luck !!


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My weight loss on SS averaged out at 4lbs per week - so if you REALLY stick to it, you could lose 48lbs. = about 3 and a half stone.

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After the first few weeks you can on average expect to lose a stone a month - 3 months is 13 weeks so you could definitely do it. If you are re-starting your first couple of weeks will be more than the 7lb as you will lose your glycogen too.....

Good luck & let us know how it is going.

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Hiya m8

The answer is about 3 stone but it is important that if you are going to eat on your wedding day and then honeymoon that you do some maintenance and don't just go from sole source to loads of food and booze.

Therefore I would plan 10 weeks on sole source and then a mix of 790,1000,1200 and 1500 so you are back on normal food for the final 2.5 weeks.