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How much can I lose


No two people lose the same but if you drink the water, stick to the packs then I would expect you to be around 2 stone lighter within 8 weeks (maybe a few pounds more)

Hi Mike, thank you for your reply, you are truly an inspiration and it's really because of you that I have tried and tried and tried CD, this is my 8th time trying and so far I've got further (it's only day one) going to have my soup now, it's 8pm in SA.

I am going to try to visualise myself 2 stone lighter in 8 weeks, my girlfriend and I are going to treat ourselves to a pair of Armani jeans in 8 weeks time!!!:)

Just make sure that you drink the old water as it really does make a big difference, and just punch through these first tough few days, once in proper ketosis you will feel much better and then you will be set!!


This is totally unrelated but i see you're from Cape Town? Me too!! although i have been in the UK for just over 5 years! I will be home in October for 3 glorious weeks and am looking so forward to it! I plan on sticking to my diet as much as possible though !?

Best of luck to you on your journey and i am sure you will look fab in 8 weeks!
Howzit Ings:)
Thanks for your msg, I'm not actually from Cape Town - long story. I am from Zimbabwe, moved to the UK in 1984 and lived there ever since. My husband has an "International" posting with his job so we travel alot, since 2000 we have lived in Switzerland, DRC (Congo), Kenya and not SA, we have been here since April 2006. It is lovely. We live in Somerset West my home base is Epsom, Surrey though.

I got back on Monday morning with my suitcase full of my CD shakes:):) cleared a special place in my cupboard and now I am half-way through day 2. You are doing well too, would you like to buddy up as you seem to have about the same amount of weight to lose as I do.

Anyway, Good luck with CD and thanks for the good wishes -
Howzit my china!

Wow thats really interesting - the places you have lived. Im really proud that you love Cape Town and Somerset West is lovely, nice and convenient access for the pass to Hermanus too!

I would love to buddy up, the support would be great and we should reach our goals at the same time, thats if i dont blow it in Cape Town! My start weight was 13.2 stone and today i weigh 12.1, so i have lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. I intitally though i had only lost 7 lbs in week one but only this morning did i realise i have been reading my scales incorrectly, i had actually lost 9!! I weigh myself you see and i dont have a digital scale, also i am used to working in kilos, so didnt realise that there were seven little lines between each long line (does that make sense?!) not a very good scale and BF has to get down and tell me where the line is! so basically i counted incorrectly, of course well chuffed to realise that i have actually lost a stone!!

How are you coping at the moment? You are on day 3 now? Ketosis will be kicking in soon and you should see some hectic results soon!! very excited, cant wait to hear how much you have lost in your first week!


Lekker man,
Glad to have met you, yes I would love to buddy up we can help each other BIG TIME. Day 3, it's 12.40pm, I've put myself on a self-imposed "exile" have not told anyone I'm back as I want to get through the toughest bit without making excuses. I've decided not to tell anyone what I'm doing except my hubby. We're off to Hermanus next week for the Whale Watching Festival, I am so excited, I believe the whales are are in abundance.

I went off to Checkers this morning to pick up a few things for dinner tonight and the smell of the doughnuts etc...too much, carrying my bottle of water everywhere I go. You know, in all the years I lived in the UK my best friend and I would crave food from home, meat pies, doughnuts, samoosas, polony, proper cream soda (green), coconut ice, koeksisters:) and whenever we bought anything it never tasted like "home", well China since been here in SA everything tastes like "home"....killer.:p

This time I am telling myself that I can't go on like this, I've spent the last two years trying weight watchers online, weigh less you name it, this CD seems the best option because food is out of the equation, but tough on your own. I have been going to Run Walk For Life since January and ran my first 10km on 9th August - National Woman's Day. I will go back tomorrow and take it easy.

Anyway, enough about me.

Well done and major congratulations on losing 15lbs in two weeks, that is great, I laughed so hard when I read your description of your scale, great that you under-weighed and not OVER:). I've had my Tanita body fat thingy scale since we lived in Switzerland and it only weighs in KG and of course here in SA everything is in KG so I'm adjusting to it. I weighed myself at Boots on Sunday and weight 81.2kg (12st11lbs) my goal is 66kg which I think is 10st4! So come on let's do it - okay. Worry about what will happen when you come home - when you come home (get my drift) you'll find that after having lost so much you will feel too good to blow it too much! Stick to as much proteins as possible as you should be okay.
Our BMI's are similar, your's is lower - are you exercising?
Here's to Slimdom:)

So exse - we can do this together okay.

ps China
After losing the stone in two weeks do you feel the difference in yourself, clothes etc.......

Zimbabwe has something to celebrate for a change? Beating SA in the 2020 Cricket yesterday.

Where in Cape Town are you from?


CDC - Kingston Upon Thame
Zim vs Aus


Sorry to ruin things, but Zim beat the Aussies in the 20/20 not SA. They are in a different group to SA. Tonight however Zim lost to England..

I am South African ( from Durban) but live in London.

Also tomorrow we ( SA) play England in the World Cup Rugby - so watch out England here come the Bokke.

Good Luck with your CD journey...

Zim vs Aus

Hey Sorry Belinda, I should have re-read my post before sending - how embarrasing. How's Kingston Upon Thames, I used to live there - on Kingston Hill opposite the University - I love that place, used to run around Richmond Park (7km) when I was slim and fit that is:)
Hoe lyk dit?

You know what i miss the most when shopping - boerewors rolls met tomatie smoor in the car park outside shoprite! Just before i started CD i was in Ediburgh, theres a shop there that sells everything including creamy sweetcorn! I ate like a pigglet (niknaks, biltong and all topped off with Savanah!) Oh God help me! how on earth am i gonna stick to CD!! I have very strong determination though and i have to be realistic. fingers crossed hey!

I am so jealous the youre going to the Whale festival, mind you they should still be about when i go home, so it may be an idea to add that to the itinerary, enjoy it!

Well done you - on doing race for life, thats really something to be proud of, i can hardly bare the thought of that right now! We can definitely loose the weight on this diet, i have never seen or heard of such results before and i want a piece of it too! Its not a huge sacrifice to make - a few months of no food but the reward is so huge, its absolutely worth it! I cannot wait to fit into a size 12, i cannot ever remember being that size, i probably fast forwarded right passed that!

I did excercise before CD, i went from Sept last year to July this year, i did step on a Mon, fitball on a Wed, yoga on a thurs and i added circuit on a Friday in the last month (but couldnt handle it) also i found that the more gym i did the more i ate, so i wasnt loosing any weight, plus I am studying, so was just doing way way too much and had a bit of a melt down. I am not at the gym full time at the moment - though did do two classes last week but felt very dizzy, so have stopped again now.

God better stop now before i tell you my life story! You have any kiddie winks DTBS?

Thanks Belinda! you ruined nothing for me :) TBH i have not watched any cricket, i am all consumed by the RWC though! We are so gonna cream them tonight! (i hope) such a pity about Jean De Villiers though hey :( Have you seen the springbok TV add? I only found out about it a few days ago, so forgive me if you have but i friggin love it!
heres the link incase http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wPvL0DOLfz0


I'm feeling lekker tonight although today was really hard, I am not hungry but wanted to snack so badly, on Fridays at my daughter's school they sell hotdogs - I go to fetch her and she has bought two, munched one and kept one for me, all smothered in ketchup (tomato sauce to ya :)), I had to wrap it up and bring it home and I can't tell you the chatterbox in my head!!!! "Just a bite, blah blah blah" pleased to say did not succumb. Went to running club this evening and managed to run 6km in 44 mins so happy with that, had a lovely shower and going to have another shake. I find if I leave it as late as possible in the day to have my first shake I feel much better, do you think I shld add another shake - if I am burning 534 cals during my run. I spent alot of time look at the before and after pics on this site and I was blown away, day 4 is usually when I give up, so far so good.

Have you decided what sort of plan you will follow after you've reached your goal weight? When I was in England in July I joined WW and bought everything, cookery books, point counter you name it, was wondering if that would be good to go on.

I too can't wait to wear size 12 jeans, I love jeans - I could live in them.

The whales will still be here in October I'm sure, you must be counting the days. One thing that has completely shocked me is the Cape winters.........blimey...........

Listen mate, have a good weekend if you're going to post again this weekend - me this is my lifeline at the moment.

Are you having bars? I was wondering if I should have got some of them just to have something to chew on:)

oh Ings please tell me about this shop in Edinburgh lol I hope to be up there for New Year and would love to have some decent boerewors. lol I miss that more than anything.
We have a guy in work who works in SA and comes over now and again with loads of biltong and its so yummy. Not like this jerky stuff that some eat.
Oh gosh I have been so good on CD but now I feel hungry lol

Hi Chocaholic
Where in the UK are you? There are some great places in London and surrounds that do great boerewors, biltong and everything South African .....

But hey don't think of that stuff until your CD SS journey over - boerewors are dangerous:):):)

Im sorry i have not posted this weekend, i havent been on minimins or the computer at all! This weekend has been a nightmare for me and i dont know what the hell im playing at. Friday night i was good, we went to a friends house to watch the Bokke cream the English, (shame i actually felt sorry for them in the end!) i drank over 4 litres and was very pleased. Saturday i was out shopping the whole day and just about managed my water, was a good day, but yesterday everything went downhill. I managed to persuade my BF that i deserved a burger king - yes i did and i was so adamant that i wanted it, i wasnt listening to any voice of reason and i had MYSELF totally convinced that i deserved it. I ate it really slowly and loved it, i was able to delude myself for about half an hour afterwards and then the guilt set in, i just wanted to reverse my actions and get it out of me. So i did - this is not something that i have ever done before, usually i am quite happy to accept responsibility for what i put in my mouth but i couldnt stop thinking about the damage i had just done. It carries on! Yesterday i had a wedding and had about 6 vodka tonics and was totally drunk, actually after the first drink i was alreay sozzled, i was on the dance floor waving them like i just didnt care and when i got home at 1:30 this morning i ate a cream donught :( I just didnt care, i refused to even entertain the thought of this diet and all i was interested in was having a good time. What a spoilt child. I jumped on the scale this morning and i dont appear to have gained any weight - a relief but i know im probably out of ketosis.
You know, i think im starting to see the issues i have with food, i never thought i did before, i just thought i was overweight because i eat too much, I use food, plain and simple, i use it to make me feel good when really all it does is make me feel fat and sad.

Sorry to be so down on you today but as you can see i have alot of repairing to do, im just so dissapointed in myself, - i had 17 days SSing below my belt you know! I just cant believe i can be so positive one day and then so uncaring the next.

Well done on resisting temptation this weekend, i am really proud of you for using your inner strength to battle the voices. Im not sure about adding another shake, possibly? but doing your run you seem to be burning more calories than your eating and i think that could be dangerous. You should probably speak to a CDC about that, we are advised to only do light excercises while doing the diet.

WW is probably a good way to go, though i havent yet thought about it too much yet. I will cross that bridge when i get to it, though if i had all the equipment already like you do, then i would probably go with that!

Anyways best get back to work now, your first weigh in is coming up soon!!

take care honey and be good!
Hi Choc

Its called Ndebele, it on one of the high streets, we actually saw it from the bus window and decided to get off at the next stop and walk back to it!

link: African food and shopping UK, Ndebele African food, wines, catering and deli The proprietor is lovely, she cooked us up the boerie rolls and we ate them downstairs in the little cafe, which is so ethnic. Definitely worth knowing about :)
Hi Ings
Hey, don't be so down on yourself, you are human and we all feel like this. Pick yourself up and forget about the weekend and get on with your SS. I was doing great until lunchtime yesterday, I think staying at home is not good for me because I have to cook for my husband and daughter, I made roast lamb with grean beans and roast new potatoes, well I ate some lamb and potatoes, also telling my husband I need to have it blah blah it's not fair having to cook and not eat blah blah blah, and yes we are own worst enemies, that is why we are doing this it TOTM for me so I used that as my excuse, then last night I made them bread and butter pudding - ate that too. Hubby asked why am I sabotajing myself and I actually thought "what a good question". Do we want to be slim but are afraid of being slim? I was not hungry, no way was I craving the food - just because I convinced myself that I SHOULD have it:sigh: so you see you have actually been better than me, you've got 19 days under your belt, I did not even make it to one whole week. BUT in a funny way, I'm glad it happened because now I can start questioning my relationship with food, why I eat etc.......I am back on track today and we can do this together. Come on!!!!

I watched the cricket last night and was finally relieved when it was over:sigh: Poor England not a good weekend for them at all - at least that can cheer us up.

I have read somewhere that if you're already doing exercise then to continue but if you're not then not to start during the first weeks of sole source. I did feel fine after my run, if I ever feel faint or weak then I'll slow down, but I don't want to give my running up because I have come this far, from walking 10 minutes to now being able to run 6kms is fantastic. I don't suppose I should do anymore exercise, the running and one hour pilates is enough.

Please cheer up - have a good day. I'm off to pick up my daughter.

Thanks so much for your words of support, you really helped me to feel better about myself! I know its not easy for you either, especially as you're cooking for your family - so thank you! I suppose we can only go forwards! Well done on your weigh in, thats such a fantastic loss :) keep up the great work!

I see Icemoose answered your excercise question perfectly, if it were me and i would also be extremely reluctant to give up my training, so i understand completely. The most important thing is how you feel, if youre feeling strong and up to it, then theres no reason to stop! :)

How have you been getting on since Sunday? I have been very good, drank 4+ litres yesterday and instead of having soup for supper i made two cups of coffee, each with two heaped teasponns of vanilla shake mixed in, lovely just like milky coffee but lovely and filling! Today has gone well again, im on my third liter of water so looks set to be another good day.

How have you been with the water intake?

Anyways hon, im going to try get online again tonight for a short while, my next study module arrived on Friday so i have been hitting the books as much as possible to get a head start before holidays, sorry i know i havent been much of a support to you lately :(

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