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How much damage would this cause?


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Personally Hercules, woprse that can happen is you bloody enjoy them.

Not like you will be eating them all day everyday, and as long as you moderate the rest of the days intake and take on yoiur fluids -- i;d enjoy.


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Hello hercules, I dont think that you will do that much damage. You are on maintinence and your body is getting used to the exra calories. Granted it might be a slight carb fest but just think how well you have done so far. As long as this is your one off weekend away special (and not the start of a snowball effect!) why not enjoy it this once.
Also as you will be returning to a 'normal' diet before long it might be good for you to see how it feels to have the occasional treat. Let's face it, we all have those special occasions now and then.
Whatever you decide to do, best of luck and have a great weekend away.
Thanks for replies. I guess I'm worried it will be the beginning of the end but I will have to start eating normally again very soon asyou say. I'm just not convinced I'll be able to keep the weight of long term as I am still always dreaming about stuffing my face.


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You will. Just remember how you felt when you were overweight. How did overeating make you feel? Good? Maybe for a minute, but if you're anything like me it feels terrible. Worse than having to opt for a chicken salad over a burger!
Keep thinking positive. You have made it to maintenance, you'll be fine.


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i started 1200 today and next week im going to my sisters wedding so will probably have a drink or 2 and its a sit down meal, roast beef i think, my cdc said just enjoy it and maybe have a lighter day the day after, wont drink that much tho as its on weds and kids have to go school on thurs so have to get up as normal :D
Yes, that's true. I could eat a burger and chips in a cafe and feel good for a few moments stuffed with grease and then discuss with my mum for the next hour how much I shouldnt have done that. AT lesat on this diet I've never woken uyp in the morning regretting the day before. Your posts have been really helpful, thankyou.

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