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how much did you loose in foundation!

Hi Wobbly

Details in my sig! My weekly losses have ranged (after the first week) from 4.5lb to 1lb. Last few weeks have seen a gain of 0.5lb due to water retention followed by a loss of 6.5lb over two weeks. Ups and downs, 100% abstinence since Jan 14th.

Well done on surviving the first week and I'm sure you'll get to your personal goal.

Hi Wobbly

I lost 4 stone 7 lb on Foundation. I have lost 3lb on developers in week 1. I am on week 16 - week 2 of developers. I have lost 5 stone 10lb altogether as I lost 14lb with Rosemary Conley before I started LL.

Have a look at my signature as it has my weekly losses there. They have been fairly consistent throughout!

Kat xx
I lost 4 stone 13lbs on foundation (gutted not to reach the 5 stone!) but as you can see from my signature, I lost quite a bit more after that!
Details in my sig -

Foundation: 70lbs / 5 stones exactly
Developers so far: 41lbs / 2stones 13lbs
Total in 6 months: 111lbs / 7stones 13lbs

I still have a few stones to lose so am anticipating a few more months of Developers.
best of luck with the rest of your journey, you've made a great start!
hi there
3 stone 2lb in foundation
100% abstinence and slowest loser in my group - but i'm quite small so that may be why?
anyway, got there in the end - see my sinature for details
daisy x
Hello Wobbly

Four and a half stone in Foundation.
Good luck to you.


...we're sinking deeper.
In Foundation I lost 2st 13. There was no cheating going on, I'm just a naturally slow loser! :) So we're all different. Never ever get disheartened... Though the rules of averages - the losses on Foundation if we look at the above posts are in your favour! :D
4 stone 13 in Foundation and just under another two so far in Developers, hoping to hit the 7 stone mark next week as it's my first RTM meeting!


Playing the Angel

I lost just under 4 stone in foundation - will have to get my books when I get back to London to give you the exact loss, but by my first week RTM I had hit my 5 stone loss.

Good Luck with the onward journey honey.

Janny, you can, you just have to believe in yourself and give it 150%!

Kat xx
Hi Janny

THere is an old saying: If you say you can or if you say you can't - either way you will be right. ;) Positive attitude and you can acheive everything we have. We are living proof - and we all had the same sturggles and beliefs that we would never be slim, but once attitudes change and determination follows - ANYTHING becomes possible!

Go for it!!! :)


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