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How much did you lose in the 1st week?


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I think it's relative to how much you've got to loose to begin with, more weight you need to loose bigger the loss (it's also influenced by your water intake) I had my first weigh in last night and lost 8lb. Good luck


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I lost 7lb on my first week x
I did 7lb in my 1st week too :) wel done everyone! Yes I have been told the same, the loss depends on how big u are (also things like PCOS can effect it) x go team ;)


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wow well done!!! my WI is on wed,, cant wait to see if it worked x
I lost 7lbs as well. My consultant told me as a guide to expect around 1 stone disappearing each month if u follow plan 100% and have a lot to loose
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It's so nice to be going a diet where u do actually lose weight! As there was nothing more disheartening then only seeing 0.5lb come off each week. I'm only in week two but hopping to keep this up as each lose should give me a boost. :)


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badkat i understand that feeling.. cooking all they diet meals to lose just a pound n so on.. this is no effect and hopefully lots to show,, my weigh in on wed ekkk x


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thanx and you im on CD,, whats CPW?? i like to lose 3-4 stone x
Lol it's the same thing"Cambridge weight plan" (I'm new to all of this including posting, so I get all sorts wrong) :s

Same here, to start with I thought ill aim for 3 stone and then try and do the remaining 2.5, as if I sit and think about having to lose 5+stone in one hit, ill prob give up! I'm a size 20 and want to get to an 18 at least by dec, my con thinks I may be a 16 by then, that just sounds to good to be true!!!!

I'm just happy so far I love the shakes and soup as in think that's half the battle!

I'm really hoping u have a great w/in on Wednesday as there was no better boost then getting on a scale and finally seeing it move down!


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ohhh silly me lol ... im new to all this too ,,ive read that you can lose a stone a month if your 100%.. so by dec you should be past size 18 chick

but guess it depends where you hold it the most,, my belly and bum are my biggest areas , but it will go x
Well ur def doing the right thing, yeah I'm on ss+ the 1st week I didn't have my extra meal (u get 3 packets then can have a 200cal meal), and I lost 7lbs, this week I have had my meal 4 times (been far to social) and only went gym 1 so I'm not excepting anything like that today, but to me anything is good :) x how u finding it, u liking the shakes/soups?

Yeah I'm the same tummy,hips and butt hold it all! Grrrr xxx let me know how u do tomorrow!


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after the weekend im finding it easyish now.. kids are eating and im not fussed at all ... ohhh fingers crossed for you , log on an let us know xxx

soups are nice,, shakes are okay need to mix with some ice i think ,, im on 2 soups and 1 shake a day x

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