How much do things cost?


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I know that each CDC charges slightly different prices but I have completely forgotten what sort of price things are - have recently ordered for 2 weeks and a bit extra and its cost about £125. Can someone let me know costs of shakes, tetra and bars? Also I pay around £4.50 for mousse mix but don't know how much the water flavourings are.

Thanks v much - only checking out so I can find out what I'm spending and how I might reduce it a bit:)
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Can't help you out on the water flavourings, but that sounds about right for the Mix-a-mousse.

As for the CD shakes, depending on the CDC, they can be anything from about £1.80-£2.10 each (and slightly more sometimes). Generally, my weekly bill is in the order of £40 (but I'm on 3 shakes a day).

Hope this helps.


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That seems very high to me - I wouldn't expect to pay more than 40-45 quid for a weeks supply... so if you say 2.5 weeks at 40, thats 100. I can't remember but I seem to remember the flavourings being quite dear, maybe 6 or 7 quid each... what are the extras that you bought?



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my CDC charges £1.70 for shakes, soups and porridges then £1.95 for tetras, £2 for bars, water flavourings are £6.70 mix a mousse £4.30


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hi my cdc charges the following:

Tetras - £1.95
Shakes/Soups/Porridges - £1.70
Bars - £1.97
Water Flavourings - £6.70
Mix a mousse - £4.30

I pay about £50 per week but I have 4 products a day because I am 5ft 8.

Hope this helps x


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i think that sounds quite pricey, could she have totted it up wrongly?


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Thanks everyone - I'll do a few calculations and let her know if it comes to too much:)


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hope you get it sorted