How much do you all spend on shopping a week???

Tracie Green

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HI all,

i was doing really well on sw up till xmas, where then i enjoyed my food over xmas and im tooo scared to get back on the scales. I want to start again but we are on a mega budget and being on sw does seem more expensive, im just wondering if im going wrong somewhere???
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stock up on things on offer. Shop around.
heinz baked beans are £1 for 4 in asda.
You can usually get the pasta and sauces 4 for £2 along with Mugshots.
Look in the "going off" section as i call it for beef or mince etc
Its how we live and its the only way we cope!

Tracie Green

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S: 13st5lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st10lb(12.83%)
thing is i do do all that, maybe im just making excuses....??? our budget is £50 a week, i do a food plan for the week and just get what im going to eat and it normally comes out at nearer £70!! so weve just been buying value everything, which is good on the pocket but not so good for ya health, its like ive got a choice - Skint or skinny!!!! arrrrgg


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Wot about filling up on Jacket spuds and frozen veg is often cheaper than fresh and just as good!

My sister is often on a very tight budget and follows sw. She has many green days cos she says they are cheaper than the red!


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Well I do a BIG shop and spend £100 then top up in the week with about £30 worth
Morrisons have some good offers at the min...
Their free sausages have 20p off £1.79 a pack..Branston Beans pk of 4 for 75pjacket pots 50p for 4 and carrots, parsnips 50p per bag. MullerLights are 8 for £2.... bacon is 99p for just normal 6 rashers!


Tracie Green

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S: 13st5lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st10lb(12.83%)
yeah green is def cheaper than red! meat is soo expensive now!! i think i just need that extra motivation to get some recipe plans together and try n be skinny and NOT skint!! x


Is so very nearly there!
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Green days are cheaper but Im struggling to lose on them atm.... following EE atm!x


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It's the new plan on SW where you forgo 1 of your A & B choices for other foods dependent on which day you are on - there are a lot of people on this forum who have successfully lost weight doing EE and I'm sure that they will be able to help you further..

Sorry I can't help further


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im getting totaly fed up with the government telling us -we should all eat healthy food , veg and fruit. So why dont they get off their bums and tell the supermarkets to stop selling the veg and disgusting prices? Im in lincolnshire and most of the veg in our local tesco,asda,morrisons come from here and they are all charging...
cauliflower-£1.16 asda
£1.19 tesco
cabbage 98p
we all know they only pay about 20p each for em!!
OH used to pick them and knew how much they pay for them


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I spend about £68 normally on my food shopping, it always seems to come to the same price, i roughly buy the same every week though.
This however doesn't include of baby milk, nappies and wipes, and lucozade for my son (who is diabetic)

I have a partner and a 7 year old and a baby, i normally buy a couple of packets of mince, a packet of chicken breasts and a packet of low syn sausages, and i have things like fish fingers and waffles in freezer for them for emergencies, then it is just things like veg, potatoes, pastas eggs etc. All my food lasts me the whole week. I normally buy the supermarket own brands, there is the odd thing that i buy brand name though. However i grudge spending over 1.50 for a bottle of diet coke so i normally buy supermarkets own and can get 3 for less than the price of the brand names. Another thing is weetabix, i used to only buy the proper weetabix but tesco have started selling a new brand called country barn, i thought it would be disgusting as my partner bought it, however it is absolutley fine and only about 98p for 24, well cheaper than weetabix. Don't get me wrong i still indulge sometimes but all the things i buy and nice and the family all eat them.

I have a relative that only buys everything brand name , and she is constantly saying how skint she is, however they won't budge or change anything on their shopping.

Ha sorry for rambling on and giving you the majority of my shopping list, it will just give you an idea.


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I remember when I started Slimming World shelling out for things like Fry Light, Balsamic Vinegar, pesto, frozen quorn etc looked like it was going to be very expensive: my first 'shop' on Slimming World worked out at about £100 (just for me) and I figured it was going to be quite expensive to follow this plan!

But actually, things like that - things I need to follow the plan - cost quite a bit initially but work out very cheap in the long term.

Nowadays, I probably average about £25 a week, sometimes £35, sometimes £15 - dependent on what I've got in and what I need. That includes lots of fresh fruit and veg, stuff like quorn and herbs and what-not...

It works out much cheaper now I'm not buying chocolate and takeaways!

To keep it cheap: pasta is next to nothing : and having spaghetti and pesto with a bit of cheese on top is a nice green day tea for me.

Slow cookers also help - cheap cuts of meat are much better for slow cookers and tenderise really well: and you can just bung whatever veg you need in there as long as you've a few onions!


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I agree with northernboi, my first shop of the month is normally about £35 (includes washing powder, cleaning products etc) then after that it's between £15 and £25. I only really do green days with an occasional mix2max where my evening meal includes fish or chicken - usually when cooking for the OH. I only ever buy fresh fruit and veg never frozen; plus polenta, couscous, pasta etc and it works out quite cheaply. Is your OH eating the majority of the shop? lol x


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I don't like quorn mince, but if you do like it, try the dried soya mince. It's free, and once cooked tastes the same (just as bad!). It's a lot cheaper. Green days are definitely cheaper, and if you have a market near you, get your fruit and veggies there and makes soups and stuff. When cooking, make a big batch and freeze some for 'ready meals', that can save time and money.


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i spend 50-75 and i find sw cheaper to shopping has gone up though hun price of everything has gone up.
fruit and veg does cost alot i usaually buy frozen what i can and get rest from fruit shop.
i buy asda mince and a pack of asda chicken breasts.
i'm saving cause i don't crisps and buscuits.
green is cheaper than red but u can do ee and still have meat just u won't have to buy as much. we never really buy fresh meat other than bacon its to expensive.


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Meat may seem expensive, but if you buy, for instance, a pack of stewing steak for £3-£4 (or turkey or chicken or lamb), you can make a huge pot of stew which you can then portion off and freeze and it will make several meals which when you average out the cost, is really quite economical. Try Tesco's value lamb shanks. I made the Lamb Rogan Josh out of the magazine with those and it was lovely. And cheap as for just a few quid for the meat (something like £2-£3) I made four portions of lamb curry.

Bulk cooking is definitely the way to eat on a budget. I like to have one big shop a month and I have a "cooking day" where I might make a few casseroles and stuff and fill my freezer. My running expenses are things like fresh fruit, which I eat a lot of. But even so, I probably don't spend more than £18-£20 a week on "top up shopping".

For a quick meal, a big tub of cottage cheese goes a long way, and is lovely on a jacket spud or just for a quick snack or a topping (mix with chopped peppers, onions, black pepper, tomatoes, etc) and put on your ryvitas.


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I tend to spend between 30 and 50 pound a week, depending on what I need. I get my meat from the butchers once a month and spend about 30 pound there. As others have said, the big expense is fruit and veg, I eat loads of bananas and so does OH so we get through loads of those!
I rely a lot on tinned beans (all different kinds) and tinned tomatoes and eggs from a nearby farm
My BIGGEST problem is "nipping to tesco" for one thing and spending too much. I try to go once a week and if we haven't got it in, we can't have it!! I try to plan menus too. :)


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I agree with Delhi the cheapest way is to have a big cook in, go to the £1 shop and get a lod of them cartons like you get from the chinese and make enough meals for the whole week, you could even double up with a friend whos on SW and then swap meals , one could do chilli and veg casserole the other could make chicken curry and quorn curry , for example.dont forget to label them with syn value


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me and my partner spend anywhere from 40-80 on a weekly shop, that does include his beer and also dog food, i know its not much but if we didnt drink and didnt have the pooch i would imagine it would be a bit less