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How much do you loose in a week?

you loose around 3.4 to 4lbs a week doing ss and similar to ss+ i tended to loose 4.5lbs for the first 6-7 weeks (after the inital lump) when i first did cd and had 5 st odd to loose.
My stats are in my signature. I do SS x
Thanks guys! I really want to get back in to excerise and the gym but I am trying to work out the pro and con's of stepping up to a higher plan so I can go to the gym. I am getting the impression that most people here are doing SS for a feqw months and then stepping up. When I have done CD in the past I have always done only 2 weeks SS and then added a healthy meal + exercise. Not quite sure how to plan it this time.
do ss and exercise! that's what i do eat time. if you are used to exercise lower it for the first 2 weeks then gradually build it up again. as long as you feel fine and not dizzy etc. listen to your body.
Mine still vary weekly but but average out at 3.8lbs a week (not including my 9lbs first week loss) and im on ss+


this time - the last time
Mine have averaged out to 3 already. Not the happiest about this but how I think about it is I am exercising a lot so maybe it is muscle gain? And the slower I lose hopefully the harder it will be for it to creep on again !!
Either way I am losing weight ,thats all that matters!!
Mine too. I have lost 3lb the last few weeks. I have also upped my exercise. I am happy as long as I am getting smaller - which I can definately feel in my clothes.

Also - I feared that if I didn't start to exercise and tone up before I was at goal, then once I'm there I won't feel great. So I would rather get there a few weeks later and be slim and toned, than get there quicker and be smaller but wobbily!!
I agree on the wobbly bit, hence why I need to get back to toning up at the gym. I will stick it out for 2 more weeks and then go back to the gym. At the moment I amm walking and swimming a few days a week. Did however find that I was unbelievable hungry after a day with swimming and sauna. Could have eaten my arm for dinner....

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