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How much do you put on a day ? HELP

When I weigh myself first thing in the morning I am up to 4lbs lighter than when I weigh myself at night, OK I know I shouldnt be weighing myself twice a day, but when is it your true weight ?, my CDC can only see me in the evenings so I think I have had a good loss and by the time I get to the weigh in I am 4lbs heavier than I thought I was which then puts me on a 'oh well may as well eat, not losing enough weight' cycle.
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I am exactly the same as you don't get weighed till the evenings, on a normal day i can be up to 5lbs heavier. On my weigh in day I have 1 shake spilt into two before lunch then try not to have anything till my weigh in, same with water i glug till about 2 then sip water, normally then am only a lb or 2 over my morning weight
Yep same here 4lbs heavier. I think my true weight is in the morning when your stomach is empty and you can hop on in your birthday suit. In the evening you're full of water and have your clothes on.

I'm a staggering 7lbs lighter in the mornings, compared to when fully clothed, shoes on etc..which is how i get weighed at CDC.
(dont think she'd be too impressed at me turning up in the morning in my bday suit for a weigh in) :D
This is exactly the reason why I don't weigh myself!!!!
My mood was dictated by how much I weighed and I know it really isn't healthy!!


2nd Time Lucky!
Im the same I can be 5lb heavier at night!
If you get weighed at the same time every week there is gonna be a difference on your CDC's scales anyway, Im just gonna go by my CDC's scales each week, even though I know I may be a bit heavier than first thing in the morning. It will all come off eventually :D

Annoying isn't it? I weighed myself this morning and was 12stone 2.5lbs but tonight am 12stone 5lbs.

Was chuffed this morning because according to my morning weights have lost a stone since started on a VLCD (started with LT) 2weeks ago.

But a little disappointed at my first CD weigh in tonight.

And my ticker is well and truly buggered!

I am the opposite to some folks, I need to weigh myself everyday, as no matter how low it goes, it's not low enough, so I know I can't afford to have any slip ups or I'll get fatter.

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