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How much excersise do you do on WW.

Im finding that the last week i havent lost as much as i really want to...
couple of questions do you have to use all your points or can you skip a couple each day?
Also how much excersise do you normally do in a day? Im too conscious of myself to join a gym just yet... i walk the dog everyday. The 1st couple of weeks on th diet i was walking over a mile and a half a day but now its probably not even half. I've got to start up again, cos i think that the excersise does help weight loss.
Any suggestions?
Lau xx
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Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey .. i do walk each day with the dog and ive got a pedometer to try and do 10,000 a day! i dont do any other excersize apart from swimming but thats only a cpl of times a month!

I know that if i do alot of excersize i tend to stay the same at w.i so am just sticking with walking at the mioment

From your points i think you can save 4 a day and use them at the end of the week but i dont think you can go over 12 saved points! i think this is right

Hi Hun

I walk at least 5 miles a day up and down the school (I work there too so Im up and down 3 times a day!) Other than that I don't get the chance to go to a keep fit class or the gym as I have the kids at home!
Hey hun you can save 4 a day. I do aquafit once a week and a workout DVD 1/2 times per week. I dont get an awful lot of other exercise in as most of my week is spent in lectures or at work sitting down so try and get the 3 sessions of aerobic exercise in to make up for it! I try and use all of my points but not spend my activity points. If I go over one day I make up for it by saving normal points in advance or afterwards- like today and yesterday I am banking 4 normal points (plus my activity points) as I had rather a naughty day or 2 last week!!!

i do swimming a couple of times, aqua on wednesday when i can get ut house and swimming lesson on sunday, and some wink wink sexercise when bf is here


Going From Flab to FAB!
Oh lizzy!1 thankyou for posting that lol i feel guilty about how little i do :LOL ...

I did 5,000 steps yesterday and thats it! hehe
Exercise? What's that?! Ha ha

I don't do exercise at all. I quite often plan to, but it never comes to anything.

I do however love swimming, so when I'm a bit lighter and a bit less embarrassed at the idea of squeezing into a swimming costume, I would love to start swimming a few times a week.
Well I did it. I went to the gym lol Ok so I only did 15 mins on the treadmill but thats my aim for every day. Im hoping that doing a little regularly will help me and as a result motivate me and make me do more.... so starting off with little steps.

I know it really doesnt seem a lot but considering when I started WW I literally couldnt walk the length of myself without being out of breath & I wouldnt consider a walk round the shops, well it IS a big improvement :)

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