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How much execise do you do ?

I do 30minutes on my wii every day and an extra 30minutes on my exercise bike a few times a week. That is on top of my usual school runs and walking to town :)
To be hounest Exercise is the key to most diets, there's no point in dieting if you dont exircise, Depending on your age you do not have to kill yourself, if im not at the gym i take the option of skipping at least 2-3 bus stops, so when i leave the town i start walking in my home direction mostly about 35mins then jump on the bus, And incase i get hungry i bring a small bag of diced fruit, Banana, orange, Apple...ect until i get home for tea.

Last week i did 334mins in total, Today i did 45mins at the gym, 30 on the cross trainer, 15 on the tread mill......:D

Im going to have to work harder tomorrow as im goning out to a friends birthday bash, so will need to earn them pints....:eek:
I've started walking to work, it's 40mins round trip. I really enjoy it and I don't feel like I'm doing exercise if u know what I mean. I walk every day (5 days a week) but I'll drive when it's raining! I also go to a toning class once a week for an hour but I've only just started this.

I'm fairly rubbish. Maybe walk the dog for 20 mins 3 times a week when my husband can't do it.

I seem to go through phases of doing exercise. This is not one of them! ;)
Isn't it all relative anyway? Someone very overweight and unfit obviously can't do a great deal of exercise, so anything that that gets the heart rate up a bit is better than doing nothing at all!

I work an 8 hour day and travel for 2 and a half hours every day, so fitting in just half an hour on the Wii fit is sometimes a mammoth task. I try to walk for 20 mins every lunch time, but as my office is in the middle of farmland, if its been raining then I have no chance of avoiding the mud. And that's on the assumption that my boss hasn't pencilled me in for meetings over lunch.

So all in all, I'd say that I do what I can, knowing that anything is better than nothing!

And yes.... I AM looking for a new job!!!! lol


Losing the mummy fat
For the last 4 weeks, I have done dvd workout x3 a week & a lot of walking.
Starting from next week tho I am going to go to the gym for an hour everyday before work (mon-fri) and burn off that fat lol
at the minute i am swimming 30 mins every morning, which works out at 1/2 mile. Thats 3.5 miles a week - will push it in a few weeks to do more but just mastering front crawl.

i feel so good when you do exercise - i would not do without it now
I do a Zumba class 3 times a week - its great becasuse it is based on dance with a party atmosphere so you don't feel like you are doing conventional exrecise. Whilst I am not convinced of its effect on my weight loss (have only be doing the classes since the beginning of Jan), it does wonders for melting away inches - two belt hole reductions in 3 weeks, whilst averaging a loss of just under 2lbs per week.


Got To Keep Counting :D
i go on my leg magic machine and then i go on this gold gym ab machine for like thorugh the day usually do it for 5 mins at a time! becaue i really want a toned tum :D
Oooh I've seen that class advertised down at the old virgin - is it any good gooner?

Amy - the classes are brilliant, it is like a one hour dance session. You do different dances which last about 3-4 mins each, where your heart rate is built up then brought back down - like interval training. Each dance works different body groups i.e. abs, (upper and lower), legs, bums, arms etc. For me it is the only class I have found where I look forward to attending and won't miss for the world. I happily run off to this class leaving the kids and the baby with my OH:giggle:

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