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how much exercise do you all do?


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ok before i start i know that this is an excuse and not a reason lol but im a single mummy to my 2 girls aged 4 and 2 and i dont have time or money to go to exercise classes or a gym etc.

what if any exercise do you do? and how often?

if youve read anything else ive posted ull know that im gutted at only losing 1lb after my first week on SW and realistically i know that i do no where near enough exercise:(
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I don't do any specific excersice - I've got 6 children and not alot of time however I've got a 6 bedroom house to clean and running around after and I'm sure that counts. I do have a vibro plate which I was using each evening and I think it did make a difference to my weight loss but as I'm pregant I can't use it at the moment. I hope as I do lose more weight I'll start doing some walking etc.


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Right now I have lost motivation because of work (just started a new job, new house etc) but just a few weeks ago I was running between 25km and 50km a week.

Helped me kick start my weight loss, lost a good 1/2 stone whilst strictly not slimming world and eating more than ever. Back to slimming world to last the last few lbs (and to keep control whilst my motivation wanes).


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Hi Jane

I walk most days and do aquafit twice a week. Tried the gym and not really my thing. I am not sure whether you have this in your area but my GP gave me an exercise referral. I can use my leisure centre facilities - the classes, gym, swimming, aqua, spinning - all for free for 12 weeks. If it is available this may be something that could benefit you too. I am not sure if they would provide some form of childcare though, I suppose it depends on the facilities at your local centre.

But exercise doesn't have to be in the form of a class, gym or swim. I remember last time I did SW I had a really big loss one week. The only thing that I had done differently was to play football with the kids for an hour each day over the park.
You could do skipping in the garden which is a great way to burn off cals. Or if you can get hold of an exercise DVD you could maybe do this when the little ones are in bed. There are ways around it but I know from being a single parent once myself that it can be hard to juggle everything. But I can promise you that once the weight starts to fall off you will find things so much easier and have more energy.

I wish you all the luck in your weight loss journey. Don't be too disappointed at your 1lb loss, it is a lb off after all xxx
I now gym for 30-40 mins everyday but I used to just fit in a half hour to an hours walk everyday at a quickish pace and saw and also felt the benefit of it. Any exercise that you didnt do before is a bonus hon you dont need gym memberships or equipment just a kick about in the garden with the kids a walk in the park, walking the dog or do my fave and have a family rave!! Get the kids put on some music and boogie! We do it for ten mins everyday while tea is cooking. U can use tins of beans as arm weights or walk up n down the stairs a few times for no reason it all adds up. You can do it hon and a lb off is better than on remember the tortoise won the race by being slow n steady x
Don't be disheartened by the 1lb loss in your first week hun. I don't do nearly enough exercise either and only lost a pound to start with, but had my second WI last night and had lost 4ibs. Dead chuffed with that and I was slimmer of the week!

Sometimes it just takes a while for your body to catch up with the new eating plan.

Im not a fan of exercise at all.
I try to walk when i can and also i have a wii fit, dunno if it really helps but it gives you a calorie count on wii fit plus so you know how much youve burnt and the exercises are soo fun i do it whenever i have a spare couple of hours.
obviously it costs a bit of money but definately worth it for me :)

I hate all forms of ritualised exercise (like the gym etc) and never did any whilst losing weight, but I do walk everywhere and have quite an active job. I walk about 3 miles a day just going to and from work, which is all the exercise I want!
If anyone used to ask me if I exercised, I'd laugh...errr no! But I just joined my work gym on Friday, and I actually love it! Which is crazy. I like being in control of what I do. I've aimed to go for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week (I'll up this to 5 times a week next month). Today, I went in, and nobody bothered me...I just jumped onto the cross trainer and did 20 mins, and the bike for 11 mins.

At first I was scared that I'd be the fatty there making a fool out of herself, but nobody cares...everyones there sweating it out and ignoring each other really!

I know with SW you don't have to exercise, the food optimising should work, but I'm exercising mainly now to tone up and get rid of all my lumpy bumpy bits, and to get fit!

It's just a bonus that I actually like it (which I'm shocked at!)


Yummy Mummy! xx
I dont do any specific gym classes or even go to the gym, but exercise is incorporated into my everyday routine. I walk a lot with work (Im a homecarer so am on the go all the time). I walk everywhere with my daughter in the pram which is a good work out especially on the bingo wings!

Keep the house right, ironing etc etc is all exercise and I do try and get on the wii 3 times a week when my 1 year old has a nap!

I'd suggest starting to introduce activity slowly so it may be something fun you can do with your kids like outdoor games in a park or just put on some music and dance around your house while you do housework! If you introduce activity you like slowly and build up, you're much more likely to stick to it. And most importantly you should enjoy it and it should not feel like a chore!

I just started with walking 15min to the bus stop for work twice a day. Now I average at least an hour high intensity activity everyday and couldn't not do it!

However don't expect an instant dramatic loss the instant you increase your activity. You will lose weight by following the plan. Being more active is more about feeling healthier and toning up and long term weight loss and health benefits. I actually maintained for a few weeks at first but now I consistantly lose between 1 and 3lb weekly and probably get away with my slip ups more than I would otherwise. Plus I look like I weigh less than I actually do because I'm more toned.
I belong to an organisation for retired people called the U3A. We pay £20 a year to belong, and all classes and groups are either free or very cheap.

I do line dancing (free) and tai chi (£1 a session) and am thinking of doing yoga (small charge, £1 I think). We have a cycling group, but I had to give that up because of lack of time.

I walk everywhere normally, but have had to stop while the weather has been hot as it makes me feel rather ill to be out in the sunshine for too long.

I also go to a gym for one hour's personal training on a Saturday. This is my wicked extravagance - everyone said I would have to give it up when I retired because I wouldn't be able to afford it. My response to that was I would give up almost anything else!! And if you met my trainer you would know why!!!! Seriously, it does me a lot of good, and I really notice the difference if I miss a session.

I don't think it matters too much what we do, just that we get up off the sofa and do something. Housework, gardening, running for the bus, chasing small children around - they are all exercise!
walking mostly every day to the bus stop I now leave a bit earlier to walk to the next bus stop and get off one stop early as well. I also walk round the perimeter of where I work with a friend each lunch time. I try to do minimum 2 long walks a week about an hour each time. I ahve also just relearnt to ride a bike after 23 years so as i improve i will increase the distance I ride.
sometimes when no one is in the house I stick on some music and dance like a nutter. though last time i didnt hear the door open and my kids were standing there looking shocked. =)
I've just joined the gym so I'm doing quite a bit more now than ever before, I've found I love doing classes, even the ones that hurt!

Before though, I was too embarassed to go to the gym and I bought a Davina DVD off ebay and did that at home, maybe you could try something like that.


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ok before i start i know that this is an excuse and not a reason lol but im a single mummy to my 2 girls aged 4 and 2 and i dont have time or money to go to exercise classes or a gym etc.

what if any exercise do you do? and how often?

if youve read anything else ive posted ull know that im gutted at only losing 1lb after my first week on SW and realistically i know that i do no where near enough exercise:(
Jane... Don't be disheartened by the 1lb loss - sometimes it takes a bit longer then a week to get the body going - but in the meantime - ensure you keep your food diary up to date.

Lack of excercise though may have nothing to do with the 1lb loss. I didn't start encorporating activity into my life until at least 7 months of food optimising - and loosing about 6 or 7 stone by that time.

Activity can help with speeding up the weight loss - but more importantly activity will help with you general fitness levels and the moral boost it gives is amazing. but only when you're ready to incorporate it - but it can be as much as walking for 15minutes a day - rather then heading to the gym or pool.

2 Weeks ago I would have said not much but have since started the Gym and loving it. Have gone 3-4 times a week and fitness already improving, I've surprised myself :D

Remember that any exercise counts, a walk with the kids, housework, gardening etc....little steps at first and you can build yourself up.


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