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Extra Easy How much Fruit is too much?

I dont eat as much veg as I should, sometimes I only have veg twice a week, so I try to make up for it but having alot of fruit, for example this morning I had raspberries and vanilla muller, my morning snack was quite a few strawberries, il prob have an apple with my lunch and a banana this afternoon if I get hungry. I had heard that too much fruit is bad? Any views would be appreciated :)
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I eat lot's friut in-between meals , strawberries satsumers grapes kiwis apples mellon, much more than five a day x


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No amount of fruit is too much. All fresh and frozen fruit is free on slimming world. There are no limits as too how much you can have.

If you are hungry then eat it. Fruit is one of the recommended "snacks" on Extra Easy as we are told to make superfree foods our first choice for snacks.

Strawberries and raspberries are superspeed foods too.

Eat your fruit and enjoy it.


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I eat a lot more fruit than veg but I've never been told that it's bad to have too much. I hope it isn't, I love my fruity snacks!


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It isn't bad to have too much. There are people who limit themselves to one banana a day or go easy on the grapes but this is mainly because these are not speed or superspeed foods. They are, however, superfree.

If people tell you too much fruit is bad then they probably don't follow SW!
Just be careful for your teeth, fruit acid is not kind and don't brush within half an hour of eating fruit unless you like the dentist alot! lol
Thanks to all of you, this has been reallly helpful. Thanks Shirleen also I didnt know that about brushing x
Ive never eaten too many bananas whilst on any diet I dont know why but I always felt they slowed my weight losses down - alot of calories i guess compared to an apple
I eat loads of fruit .. get through about 12 apples , 3 pineapples , 2 melons , 2 tubs raspberries , 2 tubs starwberries a week !!! I do think that you need to be careful with bananas though , I am totally sure that if I ate 2-3 a day i wouldnt loose very well .


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HI i think its mainly for people with diabetes that need to watch their fruit intake but i have told to watch out for banana's and grapes as there is a lot of sugar and calories in them compared to other fruits x


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See what works for you.
You don't have to watch bananas just because some people do. There are no official limits on SW.

Yes bananas and grapes have more calories than an apple or strawberries but they are still superfree foods, and by definition, have no restrictions.

If you are hungry and need a snack, the humble banana is a good choice.
I've had this debate many times with friends who believe in calories and argue that every mouthful of fruit has a calorie value and should therefore be restricted. Personally, I don't follow this at all. On SW I've been eating plenty of fruit, especially between meals to try and compensate for the fact that my meals are sometimes a little light on vegetables as there are very few I like. Fruit is filling and good for you, so get eating!
Put it this way - at about 95kcal per 100g and a pound being 3500kcal you would have to eat about 37 bananas or about three to four kilos of them to put on one pound. I doubt you get through that many :D

On the other hand it is very easy to get through 3-4 kilos of potatoes if like me you can *easily* scoff way over 500g of SW roasties a night... :(
Thanks, I absolutely love sw roasties, so I try to have them only now and again so I can have a big plateful and really enjoy. Although they are free I find it hard to shifts the lbs with alot of potatoe as I dont eat enough superfree to balance it out :)
Yeah I limit myself to once a week as my mind boggles when I see pictures of what people think is a 'serving' of roasties :sigh: For me they are chips, should fil the entire (big) pan and at least 2/3 of my plate :D (I chuck half a tin of mushy peas in for 'healthy' effect...:p ) :D
I enjoy my fruit and eat a lot of it on this plan. i do enjoy a banana most days and i eat an apple everyday and always keep grapes in the freezer if i get peckish. I also eat a lot of the berries too and grapefruit. When i was telling a friend about my SW plan, she told me not to eat so much fruit cos of the sugar content. I know there is sugar in fruit and more in some than others, but I don't see why it should be restricted? On any diet i have tried i've always eaten fruit of all types. It's superfree on SW, so I'm going to carry on eating it! Lost 6lbs so far doing SW (11lbs in total - lost 5lbs before starting SW), so I must be doing something right! LOL x
Thats really good well done! the fruit is curbing my sweet tooth and keeping me full so I will keep going with the fruit x

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