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How much is lipotrim?

Depends if you're male/female and if you're in Ireland.

In England females tend to pay £36/week, men i think it's £48. But do some searches here on this forum as there has been LOTS of discussion about prices. It's pricier in ROI I understand but have never done the EUro-sterling conversion myself so don't know how much.

Find your local chemist and give them a ring or pop in :) you can find your nearest LT chemist on the lipotrim website.
Cost for male

Costs me about £50 per week - the chemist gives me the the female version of the diet but but I have 4 servings a day... not sure why it's done this week :confused:

I presume it will be cheaper (three quarters the cost) for a female!?!?


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Usually £36 in the UK and about €65 in Ireland.

€65 is about £56 depending on conversion rates.

I live in Ireland but am in the UK visiting rellies frequently so I try and buy it over there. I dont think they will let me buy next time as I should be very close to goal on my next trip in September so I will be stuck with paying the exhorbitant prices here........... ebay may be tempting at that point!
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gosh, didn't realise it was so much more expensive, Theresa.

But don't go for ebay!! you have no idea what is in the sachets...


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I am hoping I wont need to but if I am not at goal by 11th Sept I should be pretty close and totally within my lower end BMI so they wont let me have it! Last time I bought in the UK I was weighe3d at one pharmacy and not at the other so I might go back to the one who didnt weigh me.

Fingers crossed I will be at goal by then anyway.

I am in a 12 now but do think sizes have changed over the years. I have a pair of 12's I bought years ago that my skinny size 8 daughter can only just do up. Makes you re-think clothing sizes!!
that's fab though, size 12 :) you must be chuffed!

i fitted into my first size 14 top yesterday (god bless Sainsburys and their generous sizing policy) and felt great. not been a size 14 since i've been an adult and it feels fab!


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12 is amazing.............. but not so amazing when I compare it to my old size 12's. LOL There is such a difference!! Bit like the price difference between the UK and here!!!

If I still need some TFR when I get to the UK I think I will fill my pockets with stones so I weigh more....................... PMSL!!
LOL, wear several layers.

*ahem* not that i'm suggesting anyone actually does cheat LT!


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ha ha ha ha...............

Last time I went to my pharmacist over here I couldnt work out why I was heavier than my home scales, they are normally the same. I actually had my mobile and keys in my pocket, 10 weeks ago that wouldnt have been possible without pain!!! Still cant believe I couldnt feel them!!

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