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How much is to much

Hey guys

As a lot of you know I am on my refeed and I feel it is going well, however a couple of the ladies in the office have told me that I am eating far to much. I just wanted other people opinions

I am currently eating

Breakfast:- Lipotrim Maintanence Bar

Lunch:- Breast of chicken(pan fried no oil) and a salad that consists of Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoe, Onions, Mushrooms, Watercress, grated carrot and sweetcorn. I am having a lemon and balsamic vinegar dressing with it.

Tea:- As above (No Carbs and a bit more salad) with maybe a tuna steak instead of chicken.

Snacks Two Apples and a low fat yoghurt

I have introduced carbs in to my diet as I was meant to but I am not having them on a regular basis. I am basically filling either my dinner plate or a 1litre tuperware box with the salad. I running each morning for 20 minutes.

Does it sound like I am eating to much??? Any advice is appreciated
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It doenst sound like you are eating too much at all. I think you should ignore the ladies in your office. Goodness, all the salad you are eating has hardly any calories in it at all.

You are in the process of getting back to eating normally, and going to be needing up to 2500 cals a day when you are maintaining, so this is all part of the process.

You would usually put on a few pounds when you refeed as you will be eating more carbs, glycogen stocks returning etc etc. So dont worry if you put on a few pounds, as that doesnt mean you are eating too much either!


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That doesnt sound like much at all! Sounds like your having about 700 to 800 kcals!! I cant see why they think you are eating too much? Maybe they think cakes and buscuits have less calories than salad??!!
Thanks guys that is good to know. I know they say portion size is key but if you are eating a very small amount of calories you need to compensate with something else I am doing that with salad. I am feeling a lot better now, I was very down about it :)
oooh.. i dont know anything about it.. but your lunch sounds yummy.. hehe.. good luck with the refeed.. And keep your chin up..

x x x
That sounds great Shornie, i hope i can re feed as well as that! keep up the good work xx
I am a bit down. I weighed myself this morning and I have put a couple of lbs on. I am really down, I have had one jacket potatoe in the last week and that has been my only carbs. I know you retain water when you start the refeed but i thought the fact that my calorie intake is low that I might compensate for it.

GGGGRRRRR I am in such a bad mood :(:(:mad::mad:
AWw Shornie please try not to worry, you can only do what you are doing and it sounds great! Apparently it is quite common to put on upto half a stone when re feeding which makes sense really when you think about it. Just stick with it hun and see how it goes.

If you do keep gaining i think you can start to introduce a few shakes a week back into your diet until you find a stable weight, then gradually remove them again xxx
Shornie! Stop beating yourself up!!!!!!!! Its ok!!!

What is happening is that your body has to restock glycogen (so I believe) and you *will* put on a few pounds - in the same way that on your first week you will have lost lots more than other weeks, and some of it wasnt 'real' weight...

Its just what happens. You do need to start bringing in more carbs, too.
Shornie, are you still drinking water?? When I am eating again, I am seriously gonna try drinking the same amount of water. Maybe because you have stopped drinking tons of water your body is holding on to it?? Sorry if you are still drinking the same amount.. Just a thought? xx
Hiya Shornie, glad to hear you are managng the refeed. That certainly does not sound like a lot at all and I do sense a little bit of jealousy from these woman! PLease please do not let them knock you down. You have done fantasticly well and are dong brill with the refeed - which in mind is gonna be the hardest thing to do. I agree wth everyone and believe that we should expect to gain a few lbs once we are eating again, but once your body re-adjusts to eating real food again, it will sort its self out and if you continue to keep to low cals food and you exercising it WILL come off again and it will stay off. I think I would continie with the refeed plan as you are until my body has accepted that am eating again and dont just shift onto a normal healthy diet but continue to slowly build up you cal allowance until you feel you are stabling on the scales. best of luck and please beat those silly woman round the head frm me! x
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I'm on slimfast and always worry I eat too much for my tea (your allowed 600 calories) i.e last night I had salad, a bit of coleslaw, weightwatchers lasgna and two bits of brown bread - do you think that is too much? Should I cut down:confused:


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Hi Shornie, just to reiterate (spelling???) what Elle said. When I re -fed before my holiday I did initially the first week put a couple of pounds on, but then the next week when introducing more carbs I started to lose a lb or so. Like Elle said it is just the Glycogen stores filling up again...its not FAT.

Hi Guys

Got Weighed on Friday and I lost 1lb, however I was all set to have a loss of 5lbs before I started refeed. I think I have put a couple more pounds on since I got weighed but I have been a bit naughty this weekend, I am back on to salads agains for this week. I have decided as long as I am reasonably healthy I can treat myself from time to time but as long as it is in moderation that is ok. Stop reading now if talk of food makes you jealous or angry, I went to the chippy this weekend and had fish chips and mushy peas.......it was fab, I shared a portion of chips with my wife and daughter, where as in the past I would have had a large portion to myself so whilst I am being naughty on one hand it is a good naughty.

Thanks for the support guys it is appreciated.
Shornie - you're doing brilliantly! And I firmly believe that you are right - you should allow yourself to have treats, because if you *dont*, you can end up being miserable and feeling deprived. Its all about control, and understanding what you are putting into your body - and now you definitely *do* understnad it all, you should be so proud of yourself!!!!!
I'm on slimfast and always worry I eat too much for my tea (your allowed 600 calories) i.e last night I had salad, a bit of coleslaw, weightwatchers lasgna and two bits of brown bread - do you think that is too much? Should I cut down:confused:
Er... hun, why dont you add up the calories and see?! All packaging will be clearly labelled...:D

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