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How much is too much exercise

I am still fairly new to this and have only been on CD for two weeks now and I want to help my weight loss by doing more exercise.

I went out on my bike for the first time in a while last night and had a good 45 minutes around the village and into the forest and it felt great.

when I came home however and yesterday evening, everytime I stood up I got lightheaded. I made sure I had plenty of water and I had a shake and a bar for my dinner.

My question is this, How much exercise is too much???

I have seen others mention that too much exercise can actually stop the weight coming off, that is something I definitely dont want.
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Going for Goal!
I think the best way is to start off small, and gradually build it up. I'm not suprised you were light headed after 45 minutes!

I invested in the wii fitness coach game, and began doing 15 mins per day, I then increased it to 30 mins each day and do 1 hour over the weekend.

I think cycling is an excellent form of exercise. Perhaps next time you could try 15-20 mins cycling for a few weeks, then the following week increase to 30 mins.

Do make sure you drink your fluids as well, because that may cause light headedness if you have been exercising and not drinking enough. I have an extra 1/2 litre each day now to compensate for the exercising.

Good Luck x x x


Excited about the new me!
I think on this VLCD, that exercise has to be limited, as you cal intake is so low, your energy levels will be also. I agree with EP, take it a little at a time, then gradually build it up, but think about doing some toning as well, as you'll be toning as your loosing that way too. One thing I will say is that your body will store its cals and fat if you do too much exercise anyway on CD and you will not loose at all. As you go up the plans, then you can increase your exercise.. Ask the CD on here, MD is good on all these questions. Good luck :)

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