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How much lost and in how long?


I am one of the 63336
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Hi Donna,

That's quite a difficult one. I've lost 2.5 stone since May 2008 (same as another woman who joined the same day as me). Other people I've spoken to online have lost up to 4 stone in that amount of time.

I'd recommend SW over CD because it teaches you how to eat a balanced diet. xx


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Everyone loses at a different rate, i lost 4 and half stones i started 11 March 08 and am now at target since 2 weeks ago. I absolutely love SW. xxx


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I've lost a stone in 2 months, I started with 3 stone to lose x
I've been on it for 5 months and have lost 2.5 stone. I am now (more or less) half way through my journey. I hope to be at target by June 09.
I would totally recommend SW over any other diet - my MIL did Cambridge and did lose loads but when she returned to eating she piled it back on. SW has totally changed the way I eat and I still eat loads and still use food as a joyful activity in my life (!) but have learnt how to eat in a way that won't jeopardise my health. CD can work wonders but isn't a long term solution.

Good luck!



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Well I've only been on it for a week and a half and I have lost half a stone. From what I hear in class, the weight losses can be not only amazing but also sustainable.
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I lost 4st in 13 months and have another 2-2.5st to go.

Time to lose:

1 stone - 9 weeks (though had a break over christmas)

2nd stone - 13 weeks (was away for 3 weeks in America though!)

3rd stone - 13 weeks

4th stone - 25 weeks (eek!) not sure what happened here but I was away to Italy and to America and then had Christmas!
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most people loose about 1/2lbs a week, but very often more. it depends on how much you have to loose really
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Slimming world say if you stick to the plan 100% you should lose on average 7lbs a month, you can lose up to a stone in a month and previously when I have done this plan I have lost 4st 7lbs in 5 months and got to target, but that was by sticking to it 100% for all that time which is hard to do and maintain a social life!

I think with CD your weight loss eventually slows to 2-3lbs a week and this is easily achieveable with SW, but the bonus is you can eat!, also with CD if you have a bad day you can pile weight on, that doesn't happen with SW and you can usually find if you have a bad day but get straight back on it you will still lose.

I have tried CD and yes whilst I like the rapid weight loss you get, I just feel for me it is unsustainable and I just feel thoroughly miserable and like I am missing out, at least with SW you can incorporate it into your daily life with minimum fuss or effort


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For long term results and brain training on how to eat properly, SW is the better way to go than CD to be honest. I went through all the options when I decided I needed to shift a lot of weight, and ended up with SW because I've done it before, it gives good results and is a healthy way to eat at the end of the day when you're at target.

I've lost 39 pounds since 1st October (16 weeks) 3lbs short of 3 stone, which I'm hoping I've lost when I get to class tomorrow morning.

Good luck with whatever you decide
Hi, I lost 3 stone in total - the first 2.5 stone I lost in 8 months and the last half stone took me another 6 months!! I've been at target for 6 months now, that's the beauty of SW - it's a sustainable lifestyle which is why people who stay on it are so successful. Good luck.
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hi everyone, i have lost 3 stone 2.5 lbs since the end of june 08, i had my 31st weigh in last night and lost 1lb. it took 3 months to lose the first 2 stone. my weight lose has definatly slowed down since i started i was losing 3 lb a week at the start and now its only 1/2 lb or 1 lb a week. since i started ive only gained twice and maintained twice. i love sw.
i was 17st 6lb when i started and my goal is 12st, i cant wait to be at target.
im struggling to stick at it at the min tho, im getting quite complacent. i think i need a kick up the bum if i wanna get to target this year :(.


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I lost 2st in my first eight weeks, but have a great deal to lose - I'm expecting it to slow down now, maybe to half a stone a month. I'd be pleased with that. My next weigh in is on 5th Feb so I'll find out then how much I've lost in the last four weeks. :)


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My friend has lots 9 stone in 10 months following SW and her success spurred me to on and helped me decide SW has to be the best option for good weight loss. In her first week she only lost half a pound, followed by 3.5 the next and 6 in her 3rd which and says she never looked back.
I think SW is the best healthy eating plan going and there is no reason to ever be hungry and still lose weight

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