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How much lost, in how long?


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So far in 2011 Ive lost almost 2 and a half stone, on weight watchers, and the last minth, cambridge diet. I was determined to stick with cambridge, but am finding it hard, and expensive. I still have a lot to lose, and was wondering how much people had lost, and in how long? I want to lose it ASAP, but ultimatley by early 2013, the year I get married.
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I have lost 24.5lbs in 14 weeks although I stayed the same for 4 weeks of that as I had no kitchen in my house so i was trying to make do as best I could.. X


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I've lost 16lbs in 16 weeks. I don't think I could ever not do SW, there's so much choice & I'm never hungry or complaining about food. I've always been one to lose weight VERY slowly but hopefully that means I'll keep it off x
I have lost 1 stone 1 LB in 6 weigh in's at slimming world class,but I started at home the week before with old books and lost 5lb ,so really in 7 weeks I've lost 1 ST 6 LB x


8.5st lighter!
3st 12lbs on Sw green days in 6 months. :)
I've lost 15lbs in 16 weigh ins. I lost 10lbs in 4 weeks, had 3 weeks off plan due to birthday, exams and essay deadlines and put 7lbs back on and have lost another 12lbs in 6 weeks. I may not be the best example of a speedy weight loss but I like that with sw you can still have a life, get back on the horse and keep on losing.
I've lost 35lbs in 9 weeks.

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I've lost 9.5 stones in 3 years and that's with having a baby in between! Another 3.5 to go!!

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
I've lost just over 6 stone in 11 months


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Its taken me just under 8 months to loose 2 stone. However, I was only 7lbs over a healthy BMI of 25 when I started so its been stubborn weight to shift to get down to a BMI of 22 (I hope to be BMI 21 when I'm finished).

It has been slow BUT i've not really feel that deprived or hungry which is amazing for a diet :D
12.5 lbs in a month! So by next Wednesday a stone in 5 weeks! Xx
lizziebee c said:
4st in 5 months but that's with doing zumba class 5 times a week!!!
OMG that's fantastic!!! Have u got much more to go? I've got 4st left to loose by next June when I get married, I'm trying to do 20 mins exercise every day at the mo, would love to lose my 4 stone in the time u have. Well done!

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