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How much water do you use????

About 500mls +, I think!


A little of everything!
I use about 200ml as I think more dilutes the taste? I add loads of crushed ice too though?
Thanks for the replies guys:) Im only on day 2 but im soooooooooooooo cold, im not sure its actually the Lipotrim probably just the weather but ive got my heating on and a big fleece blanket lol!! so im struggling to get all that cold water in... enjoying my mint tea tho:)
ive not tried one hot yet... any recommendations??


Here we go again!
Have you tried your water hot or warm? Some people do that and say it's easier to get down your neck. Good luck for your first week.
Hey Bev! i cant stand the thought of drinking warm water... it reminds me of being on the beach somewhere nice and hot when it gets to about 4 o clock and you reach under your sun lounger for a glug of water and its all warm and euggghhhhh lol!!

might try it hot tho... anything than being sooooooo cold:)
I'm still cold after 9 weeks....sorry to say it doesn't change while you are doing LT 100%. May see a change when re-feeding, I hope!
oh well least its summer... nearly:) come on sunshine!


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Hi cheekychick welcome and xgl to you. I dilute mine quite a lot (about a pint and a half don't know how many mls that is)I have the vanilla hot with a heaped teaspoon of coffee. I actually love it. I also have the choccy hot too and recently added coffee to that as someone here suggested and it is yummy. I never have a cold shake anymore. But remember never to make a hot shake in your shaker beaker as it will explode you an electric mixer it works a treat. All I can say about the cold weather is roll on summer, Im sick of this cold weather anyone would think its january:)
i fill a 2litre bottle before i go to bed so its room temp when i get up and try to drink all of that before 12.30 then do another 1 litre in the afternoon im strugleing but its something i just have to get used to i put 300mls in me shakes and have about 3 mint teas through out the dayxxx

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