how much water flavouring can you have?


Hi everyone,

I'm back CDing till Christmas (I did a month in February and found it great) so here's hoping by Christmas there'll be a lot less of me!

Anyways, my question...

Is there a limit on how much water flavouring you can use on the CD? I think last time I didn't drink as much as I should have (I struggled with 2 litres a day) and this time I'm flying it with more than 4 litres a day thanks to the flavourings... Is that ok?:rolleyes:
It is 1 teaspoonful a day.
I find that half a teaspoonful is enough (or even a bit less than that) for a jug of 2 litres of water - a lot weaker than siggested on the tub.
Ann x
I use the 'wrong' end of a teaspoon and just put a little wedge on the end of that into a litre bottle of water. Much more than that and it'd be like sucking a lemon :p

There is a frequently asked questions thread on here somewhere. Karensa, PR Executive did post a few weeks ago that the flavourings were restricted to 1 teaspoon per day. I asked this to be checked as we had always been told they were unlimited.

After checking she posted that we could have 2 teaspoons per day, i.e. two litres of flavoured water. However, I know at training the other day we were told 1 teaspoon per day is the maximum.

It is one of the greyish areas as some people can drink unlimited amounts of the flavouring and there are no adverse affects, others are carb sensitive and it can affect their weightloss. Having said that I have many customers who are using the waterflavourings freely without any loss to their weightloss or any feelings of hunger.

With the vegetable flavouring it is and always has been only 1 teaspoon per day the same with the mousse. I will try and find the link to Karensa's post for you.

Don't be miffed with your CDC it is only a recent change and she probably did not know about it.

As I have said above there are many that use more that 2 teaspoons and have losts stones.