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How much water is too much water?


This is really the time!
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I wish I had a clue. But I do know if you drink a lot, you should add some salt you your diet, because of losing electrolytes.

Some do this with stock cube drinks or boullion (sp?)

But sorry I cannot answer the question. I know drinking too much in a short amount of time is more dangerous than drinking a lot over a whole day.


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Hi It's hard to give an answer to that as people's bodies process differently and so will get ill at different amounts. As Fuffs said the danger is from drinking too much in a short space of time. Drinking a couple of regular glasses an hour throughout the day won't do any harm. Drinking 2 days allowance in an hour or so, may not be very good and no one wants a trip to the hospital! Just drink when you are thirsty don't try and force too much


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Yes interesting reads, thanks for posting.
I guess my fluid intake is steady after looking at those links. i'm drinking 500ml bottles of water, about 4 to 6 of those throughout the day, plus a few mugs of coffee inbetween but my god, am i thirsty. i could easily drink double or treble those amounts. plus today i have extremely achy legs which got me thinking about electrolytes and worrying that i may be drinking too much. Regarding adding salt/drinking bouillon, i've just realised since cutting out carbs (especially mash/chips) i have not been putting salt on my meals. Quite shocking really to say i was a salt addict lol
Err another question, what is bouillon? is it like marmite?


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Powder stock used in cooking very nice


This is really the time!
S: 26st13lb C: 22st7lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st6lb(16.45%)
The achy legs happen to lots of people on atkins. It is often down to a lack of potassium and some other things. I take a multi vit with iron, omega 3 and glucosamine and have not got it this time around. Are you taking any vitamins?


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Yes i'm taking a multi vitamin (maybe i need to get a better one though, its just a cheap tesco multi vit. the writing is so small i can barely make out what is in it) also taking vitamin b complex, chromium, cod liver oil and psyllium husk capsules.
What does glucosamine do?


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I agree on the potassium front, it stops restless leg syndrome and acts immediately, I take one every night just before bed :)


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I drink at least 8 pints a day, plus several mugs of green tea

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