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How much water??


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Hi :)

Sorry if this has been posted before, i've searched and searched but can only find info on here regarding water on the cambridge diet and lighter life!
I'm wondering how much water i should aim to drink each day while on SW? At the moment i'm aiming for 3 litres but just wondered what other people's opinions are?

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Hey there :) I always aim to drink my 1.5 litre bottle a day (which I do quite easily now, addicted to the stuff!). I drink tea during the day too and I get a lot of fluid from my food. This to me is more than enough and my pee is always clear with a hint of straw colour which I think is a healthy colour LOL!

I think enough that it is comfortable for you and not something that you feel is a chore. I personally would find 3 litres quite hard to drink a day.xx
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I drink a minimum of 2. I have a 1 litre bottle which i drink by 3pm at work, then another which i sip throughout the rest of the day. I can easily down an extra half litre if i do exercise too.

I used to pee a lot but now i have got used to it and i don't need to go as much.

The one week when i didn't drink as much i had a smaller loss.
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I aim to have a minimum of 2 litres, plus whatever my cups of tea etc are. I usually actually go over 3 litres without thinking about it (especially on days when I am exercising or just very active/busy, when it can be as much as 4 litres).


I ♥ Slimming World
S: 14st12lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 34 Loss: 0st10lb(4.81%)
Thanks for the comments guys :)
i've pushed for the 3 litres (had to cut my 'tea habit' down just to get it in!) so maybe i'll set it as 2 per day (i would find this quite comfortable) and if i end up having more then its not a bad thing! Thanks again for the comments, i saw a few bits & bob's about drinking too much and panicked that i was going to drown myself!! :p

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