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How much water...

Just read an interesting article in a mag that says nutrionists are generally agreed that to determine a guideline amount of water to drink daily you should divide your weight (in kg) by 25, and the result is how many litres you should be drinking per day - me: 92/25= 3.68 litres! I'm certain I am drinking at least that many per day, as I really enjoy water above all liquids, except maybe wine :p
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I also think that when ssing you probably need to drink more, as when you have a normal, healthy diet you get quite a bit of water from the foods you eat - course, that's just my not-nutrionist opinion :)


Girl on a mission
As long as you drink the minumum that cambridge diet says you should drink, anything over that is a bonus:D according to that I have to drink 4.8 litres of water a day:eek: would never drink that amount cambridge or no cambridge lol. Gonna stick to my 3-3.5 litres :)


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i struggle to even drink my 2.25 litres... had a shocker water-wise the past 2 weeks but just don't know what to do :(

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