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How much water


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I did 5 litres on Monday and about 6 yesterday. I'm nearing the end of my 4th today but i'm drinking it quicker today because i didn't want seemingly 50 trips to the loo when i go to bed.
I've heard from Icemoose that drinking over 10 is dangerous as it dilutes your essential body salts, so i'm aiming for about 6.


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I'm only drinking about 2-2.5 litres, but usually have my packs in 2 so have more water in those.


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I don't think i'm going to be going over 6L to be honest because i'm worried about that too, but I've felt fine on how much i'm drinking so far.
I like to aim and stick at 4 ltrs a day. I also dilute the shakes with 400 mls of water. I also like to get my water intake done by 7pm so I am not up and down to the toilet in the night.



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2.5 litres is the official minimum (that's 4 pints) but I know that on Lighterlife folks there are advised to drink 4 litres a day.

However, I think what you currently weigh has to come into this as well. The more you weigh to start with, the more water you need--not rocket science, I think :) But the nearer to a healthy BMI figure you get, I think you can safely reduce the amount of water that you're drinking nearer to the minimum 2.5 litres.

One thing that you must do is space water consumption out evenly over the day. Gulping down half a litre at a time isn't particularly helpful to your body--it just triggers a hormone which causes you to pee it straight out and more, leaving you dehydrated--strange but true!

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