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How much water

I'm not sure how much I drink in total, but I make my shakes up with 400ml water so get a bit extra there. Then I try to have a glass of water as often as possible at work and have 2-3 mugs of peppermint tea (or similar) in the evening. Then I spend the night going to the loo :D:D:D

I'm pretty sure I'm getting the recommended amount of 2.25 litres but not a whole lot more...
I'm struggling to drink all the water too but they say it does make a huge difference to your weight loss so we should really try hard with this.


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I know this sounds a bit odd but try drinking through a straw...i find it so much easier to get through the required water intake through the day rather than drinking straight from the glass.......Worth a go :)


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I drink at least 3 ltrs a day. I drink it from a 1 ltr. bottle and just keep filling it throughout the day. Some days its easier than others.


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Im on my first day, and am sooooooo glad im on the last of my water, how much are we "supposed" to drink, i was told atleast 3 litres, and haveing it in peppermint tea/coffee and extra water in shakes dont count, is that correct?


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Dont mean to sound like im tooting my own horn, but I get through 1 liters of water just during the night (prolly cos I sleep with my mouth wide open and it dries up)! I do around 3 liters at work and 1 liter at home in the eve and 1 additional liter while working out.
I'm CONSTANTLY thirsty and actually get nervous when I dont have water on me, or if it's running low.
And yes, I'm running to the loo all bloomin day :D

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