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How much weight = a dress size?


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One for the ladies sorry cos dont understand mens silly clothes haha

Iv been on this for 5 weeks now, and lost 2 stone 1lb...

i personally havnt noticed any difference n dont think iv dropped a dress size AT ALL

how much weight is equal to one dress size roughly??

im dying to be a 14 for my birthday in 4 weeks time... currently abut a 16 i spose, coy my 18 clothes r a bit looser lol just not noticably...

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Hi Lauren, ive been doing ww before this diet and they used to say that every time you drop a stone you drop a dress size. i lost 21 pound with ww but only went down one dress size but not on my bottom half !
we all loose the weight differently as we have different problem areas etc so i guess in some areas its slower coming off

i know for me my top half started to get smaller before my bottom half but now its sort of balancing out in my opinion

hope that helps in some way
How tall are you hun?


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I wish I lost a dress size for each stone of weight. Its more like 2.5 stones to a dress size for me. NOT GOOD!!!


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Thanks everyone, got 4 weeks to my birthday haha

im 5ft 10...

but still a chunk ha

wish id taken photos yano, cos cant see any difference inmyself!! xx
Heya lauren (waves)

I am same as you, im 5"9 and started at 17s 6lb, i am now 14s 13lbs and cant see any diffrence untill i started trying on work clothes, due to return to work next week after maternity leave :(

some trousers i have are size 18 and i need a belt, not quite ready for the 16s yet. but tops are looser and 16s are a must as i have no bust after breast feeding lol.

I am so impatient to get to a size 14, i cant wait. good luck for next 4 weeks :D:D:D:D
Lovelylauren.....i was like that when i lost weight about 2 years so i lost 30lb and about 4/5 months and i couldnt see myself that id done from a tight 22 to a 18....i looked in the mirror and still seen me at a size 22......but other people where telling me i looked gr8 and had lost loads. its hard to see weight coming off yourself i think! x


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Thankyou everyone, i just know im going to be gutted after 10 weeks on this stupid diet, if im still super fat on my birthday, im dyin to be a size 14 for it,

and will be so disheartened if im not,

iv worked so hard its just really gettin me down to b hoenst! xx


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Hey chick im the same... my belly still feels huge and havent really noticed things getting smaller except arround my legs...

And my bum which i didnt actually want to go away :( lol!!

But I havent noticed too much difference in my clothes except for the things that we tight are fitting better!


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its horrible isnt it hunni, everyone else is tellin iv lost weight.. BUT the receptionist in my office was helpin me look for a dress for my birthday an type in "plus size dresses" an it really upset me cos i was thinkin iv worked so hard, and i dont want to be PLUS SIZE any more! thats why iv starved myself for the last 6 weeks.

i duno, jus guna have to wait and see now arent i, i might have left it too late, so spose wil have to see my bday as a half way mark or somethin, jus really didn want FAT PICTURES that i hate on my 21st birthday :sigh:

im sure ur lookin fab, uv worked so hard, u deserve to have noticed a difference xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep we do deserve to notice it!!

People are saying I look really well but I feel exactly the same...

I think the best thing would be to go shopping and find a dress yourself to wear... Then you can try it all on etc :)
once i was told you drop a dress size every 10lbs! I never believed that.

my personal experience is that i lose a size with every stone. This is because i lose weight all over. Everyone is different - and my advice is not to lose heart because you are losing fat that is causing a risk to your health.


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I think it depends on the person really and how much body fat we actually have.

I've lost 47 pounds, just over 3 stone and I've gone from a size 18 to 14. Someone could have lost the same amount as me but dropped more or less sizes than me.

Usually, we can't see the change on us. Other people will notice it a lot more than we will. I don't see a dramatic change on me, some do. Just take before and after pictures. That's a good way to see a real difference on yourself.


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I wish I had of taken before photos, the only one I have u is at christmas time and I put more weight on after than... so its poop :( lol


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I wish I had of taken before photos, the only one I have u is at christmas time and I put more weight on after than... so its poop :( lol
Well, find a picture of you just before you started LT. It doesn't have to be exactly before. Maybe a picture of you at your heaviest.
pictures really are the best way to go. To be honest you still see your imperfections when you look in the mirror rather than major improvements!

I found my photo diary to be really helpful :)

Check the gallery out and see how other people have done :)


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well i just burst into tears, the receptionist, now is telling me to "look at Evans clothes as i wont be doing myself any justice trying to fnd something fashionable.. i have to be realistic, about it after all... "
ao now cos im PLUS SIZE i cant wear anyting nice for my brthday as its not guna do me any justice, and il look a big fat mess
i hate bein fat, im tryin so hard, even when i dont cheat i fail in another way,m i cant believe it, i cant even b assed with my brithday any more, im jus guna be fat forever simple as :(

sorry to moan everyone
Aww dont think like that hun, you have a while to go yet, my shape changed when i started going to the gym too, what size are you? maybe i could lend you some thing to wear i have a couple of nice dresses, just leave it until as late as you can before buying anything x