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How much weight IS a dress size?


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For me it was around the stone mark i managed to go down a size :)


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I think it decreases the lower you go, it's taken a stone and a half for me!
I think it also depends on your height...


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Well, at my heaviest I was still in denial and squeezing myself into extremely old and stretchy and very generously cut size 18 jeans from Dorothy Perkins tall range. But I had 50 inch hips, 38 inch waist, and 50 inch bust, so I must have been at least a true size 22. I never bought anything over a size 16, though, except that one pair of jeans!! Just goes to show how you can delude yourself with the vanity sizing that a lot of the shops go in for - and I usually wore super-stretchy stuff.

I didn't weigh myself while I was losing the bulk of the weight, only weighed myself when I was just under 10 stone. By then I was a comfy size 12. At 9 stone 5lbs I was into a size 10, and at 8 stone 12lbs, I hit the 8s.

I think the weight gaps between sizes get smaller as you go down the sizes, if that makes sense. If there's less of you I guess it takes less weight loss to trim off a size.

But these are all Dorothy Perkins/M&S/Next sizes for the most part. They're very generous. Still haven't mustered the courage to go into Topshop and see what I really am!
I've lost 2 stone and have gone from size 18 to 14 (bought first size 14 trousers today! - don't care how generous they are they are 14's yay!) about to have a glass of vino to celebrate!
I would say between 12 - 14 lbs for me. Although I think Judi makes a good point, the gap lessens slightly the smaller you get.

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