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How much will I lose with only just over a stone to go?


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Just started LL today. Got packs from ebay cos I can't join class due to the fact I only have just over a stone to lose.

I am 5ft 5ins and 10stone 9lbs. My target is 9stone 6lb. I have lost a couple of stone on my own, with healthy eating.

Have to get into my wedding dress which I ordered I size smaller - I reckon a stone should do it. Wedding is July. Shop are desparate to get me in for a fitting. They tried to discourage me from ordering the smaller size, but I said I would easily do it, but I haven't.:cry:

My hen night is in three weeks and I wondered how much weight I will lose by then? I know everyone is different, there's some amazing weight losses on here, but has anyone started with a stone to go? how did you get on?
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You should NOT be SSing with only that much weight to lose....you run the risk of losing lean muscle rather than actual fat and doing yourself more harm than good.

Buying packs from ebay is never a good idea, you dont know where they come from, how they have been stored, if they have been tampered with or even if they are legitimate product.

With so little to lose my advice woud be to find a local CDC and do maybe the 1200cal program where you will still lose weight by your wedding.


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Hia Suzim,

You are putting yourself under a lot of pressure to fit into a dress a size smaller than you currently fit. I have to agree with Kazz that LL may not be the quick fix that will be successful. You may be creating more problems than solving them.

You have so little to lose that it should be easily attainable with reducing your calories, choosing lower fat or leaner (but not higher sugar) options, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables steamed or roasted without fat, crispy salads, smaller portions, slow release carbs (like porridge for breakfast), leave the alcohol (high in cals) alone too.

Check out the Weight Loss Resources website for more good advice about how many calories you will need to consume to lose the optimum weight for your height and activity level. It is a mine of information which you can use to get rid of that stone in a healthy, long-term way.

LL is for people like myself who had a massive amount of weight to shift. See my before gallery picture. I have been medically supervised throughout and attended regular counselling sessions for support. Please reconsider using these packs and SSing. By all means use them as an addition to real food because they do contain minerals and vitamins, but don't use them solely at your stage.

Have a great hen night!

3 weeks for me too.

Hi, i am a newcomer to this so please forgive if i do owt wrong!
You sound in a similar situation to me - i am going on holiday in 3 weeks with my boyfriend & his teenage kids. I have bought some Cambridge stuff off e-bay which i am planning to start when it hopefully arrives in the morning.
I would ideally like to lose a stone - am 5 ft 5 & according to Boots weigh 11st 12 at mo.
Dont want his kids going home & telling his ex that i've let myself go or owt :mad:
I am expecting to be starving for a few days but at least know am going to be getting the right vitamins etc which is the most important thing.
I think you should be ok doing the sole source aslong as its only short term & are sensible & stop if dont think its right.
How much did you buy from e-bay & if dont mind me asking how much did you pay for it ?
I bought 35 various soups & shakes Sachets, 2 bars plus 2 bottles of water flavouring for £50 plus a fiver postage.
My boyfriend is moaning about the cost but once you take the amount you would spend on normal shopping off its not really that much.
We can do it,
Luv Alex ///(+_+)\\\


has started again!!
Please be careful Suzim and Madame Lexy, ss-ing isnt really the way for you, with a smaller amount of weight to lose. It would not be an advisable option and LL would take you only on if your BMI's were 29 or over.

Do either of you now what your BMI is? SS-ing is not really something I would have chosen were it not for the fact that I had (and still have) a very large amountof weight to lose, just to make myself healthy, let alone looking good!

not trying to preach, just concerned.

Hope all goes well whatever you both decide.


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Suzim and Madame Lexy,

I don't think it's a good idea to embark on a LL or CD type regime without at least having a check over by a medical bod - it can be very risky. Plus you don't have anyone to monitor you and to check ketones levels - if ketones are not managed well that too can make you ill.

Why don't you try the Scarsdale Diet? It is perfect if you need only to lose 1 stone. It offers lots of variety and very quick weight loss (the blurb says up to 20lbs in 2 weeks! - and it does what it says on the packet!).

Scarsdale is an extreme diet but it is short term - two weeks on and then two weeks off - and it allows you to eat fruit and veg and meat and fish. You are advised not to stuff but you can eat as much as you wish.

Why don't you give that a try first? I certainly wouldn't have started LL without a med check first and without the regular blood pressure and ketone checks.

You can feel really rough on SS diets and need to be overseen.

Scarsdale will knock a stone off 'easy' within a month and it would be safer. Most book shops stock the copies of the diet or you can download it from the web.



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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Completely agree with Fatpossum - Scarsdale is the only diet other than LL that has ever worked for me - you will lose between 10 and 14lbs in the first fortnight as long as you do the recommended 30 mins of walking a day.

The problem with getting the packs off ebay is that you won't have been sold the instructions, you won't have been told that you HAVE to drink 4 litres of water a day (and that you can't have lemon or lime with the water) or you may suffer from kidney/liver problems - you won't have the guidance through the first few days of reducing your calorie intake - and worst of all you won't know how to mix them or have the shaker so they'll be all lumpy and horrible. You won't even know what tea and coffee you are permitted to have. Have you even been told how many you have a day?

The main reason for being signed on by a doctor is that if you have epilepsy in any of its forms you should not be on this diet.

Almost everyone on LL uses it as a last resort before their weight impacts their health and mental condition seriously - I don't want to be harsh but just using it as a quick fix to fit into a dress is really not what the programme was designed for and belittles the very powerful messages behind the programme. The programme was designed to put and end to that sort of thinking.
Agree with the above...LL should ony be ollowed under medical guidance for a reason and that reason is that for certain medical conditions it can be dangerous which is why they make you check pulse, heartrate etc before you start. Dont want to alarm you but is a stone really risking a major health issue for? Doubt it but also unsure whether you have really considered the implications...hope you make the sensible decision not to do it and just try & loose weight another way.

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