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How Much..

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Hi xMrsxCx.
When i first started this, I was obssessed about superfree, mainly strawberries which are getting expensive lately, kept buying them every other day and melons too, i was spending quite alot desperate to make this work and enjoy this plan.
But these past few months I really turned to the magazines meal ideas and making up soup (which helps alot) and doing big meals like chilli con carne and chicken curry so I can divide and freeze when i need.

So the past few months, My spending has gone down by half now, was out of control and it was eating literally into my money per month.

It was around £300 per month and it was just for me. My daughter's stuff was added onto that. Now its down to £50 per week for myself and my daughter.


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I usually spend about £60-£80 a week (for two adults), including household stuff. But I'm on a budget right now, and the last few shops I've spent about £30 for the week.

I think the key is planning ahead to suit what money you have to spend. If I'm feeling flush, I can buy lots of soft fruits and berries, more expensive veg like asparagus, and eat meat for more meals... if I need to cut back, I eat more vegetarian food and rely on the supermarket 'value' ranges of fruit and veg.


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Ours is about 60-80 too (2 adults, 3 cats 1 german shepherd), depending on how much cash is spare.

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About £130-£140 a week for 2 adults& 3 kids


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Ours is about £60 - 80 per week for two adults too (2 german shepherds and an irish wolfhound then take it over £100 but thats another budget!!)

I think that when you first start it can take a little while to build up your reserves of spices and recipe ingredients, but once you get into 'replace' mode then it drops back down again. Eating seasonal fruit and veg and watching out for the bargains also makes a huge difference!


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Nooo idea. I would say averages out about 50-60 quid a week(if that as i tend to refill cupboards every few months) thats for 2 adults and a 6 year old. My slimming world stuffs comes to about 10-15 quid a week. I tend to go to the Saturday market and buy my fruit and veg as its cheep and also i make cheep meals for me as i'm the only veggie in the house and quite happy with mushy pea curry and chilli bean pie with veggies.


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I try to stick to £100 ish a week for 2 adults and 4 kids (well 3 adults really as my 13 yo eats like a horse lol)
I do this by going to aldi and getting my fruit and veg from the veg shop/Market.

However yesterday I spent an extra £19 for picnic food then ate my own weight in very naughty French stick. Not very good as a SW consultant, really :(


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About £85 - £105 a week for 2 adults, 2 children (one of whom is in nappies) and 2 cats.
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I spend about £40-50 a week, for me and my daughter (3years old), so not that much but then I buy lunch most days so thats only for evening meal and breakfast... I need to start making a packed lunch x


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about £200-250 a month for 2 adults, sounds like a lot when I look at everyone elses for a family of 4 lol


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Depends on the week - if I'm trying new recipes and need lots of new ingredients it's about £50. The last few weeks I've been making an effort to use up what's in the fridge / freezer / cupboards and spent about £20 per week. That's for 2 adults and includes my packed lunches (hubby often buys something at work). We hardly ever eat meat though so that can make a difference.


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Our spending depends on how much money we have for the week.
Can be £50-£60, when we are short. When we have the money to spend, it comes to £80-£100. This is for 2 adults, two children, 1 bunny & a cat!
Our shopping includes all household stuff and nappies (im on EE plan)
Hope this helps
I know it can be expensive but its vital to eat healthy meals. I know we could reduce our costs if we shopped around a little

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