how much!!!!!

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know this has nowt to do with sw.....but i had to tell u.
the bungalow where i'm livin the heating has given up the ghost...its blown air, so no radiators. anyway thought i would get a quote off the gas board for puttin a combi boiler in and this is a 3 bed bung....
have a guess how much.........10k thats how much..........omg
so got a replacement heater like the old one on order now....thats costin 2k....
when i asked the gasman about them puttin the blown air boiler in they said they could do it for 5k..........where do they get off chargin so much.......

sorry rant over..............
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It's disgusting isn't it!! We have no central heating at the moment either because our boiler packed up. It's too old for them to get a replacement part (apparently!!!) so we have been told we have to have a combi boiler put in. We live in a small 3 bedroom semi and they quoted us £4k for ours. Cheaper than your quote but even so... !! We're actually managing with a small convection heater set to very low to keep the chill off the air and a calor gas heater as and when we need to.

I can't believe how much the charge for these heating systems. Shocking!!

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the boiler here is 28 yrs old they stopped makin bits for it 5yrs ago.......
the reason they said it would cost 10k for the central heating was because of the man hours it would take running all new pipes and gas around the bungalow...........only wanted 8 rads and a boiler....
so got on to the people who make the blown air one and they said no hassle can fit it next week...........
so i got my table top patio heater in hall and a wheel round calor gas that goes where ever i do........
still cold............go to bed in me long johns, socks and cardie.....infact sat in bed now as its the warmest


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10K for a a combi and 8 rads:eek:
What a rip-off! I am training for a plumbing NVQ and can tell you, that putting a combi in is a lot quicker and cheaper than a conventional boiler, especially in a bungalo! Realistically, for a new system, you should not expect to pay more than 3-3.5K, perphaps a bit more if you are in London or home counties.
P.S. Just typical for heating to give up the ghost when it's freezing outside... sod's law, innit...


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4K is too much! To put a new boiler in should cost no more than 2k. My husband is a kitchen installer and we use a Corgi guy on a regular basis for the gas appliances and he fitted a new boiler for one of our customers and only charged her 2k. Obviously, if you want the boiler re-siteing then it will cost a bit more.

My advice would be to contact Corgi or your local trading standards for a list of gas men in your area. Then get a few quotes and pick the person who you like but not always the cheapest!! Too cheap will be too cheap for a reason. You should get a good deal at the moment because of the credit crunch. Also, dont be shy to ask for a discount. We always give a small discount to people who ask because we want the work!

Good luck x


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Yeah, we had a new combi boiler about six months ago - cost just over 1k (cash in hand). NO WAY it should be 4K. No way at all.

As for 10K - SPLUTTER - surely robbery... Shop around ladies!

I should point out that our plumber is kind of a friend, so it was done at cost - but even so...

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Way too much!also check if anyone is over 60 warmfront site,we have just had cavity wall insulation and a new boiler,cistern,timer,pump,thermostat in fact everything bar rads and pipes.Free cos hubby is 60 and we get a benefit and 250 winter fuel payment.about time we got summat for nowt!!!

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i paid 3.5k for a new condensing combi boiler in my other house.......and that warmed 16 radiators........
so defo havin blown warm air unit.........bein fitted next thursday...thats costin 2.4k and that includes vat as well...then at least i can be warm again.........


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Omg, it is certainly a lot of money. This time last year we had no heating but my oh works for the council and he deals with school buildings, so he managed to get a few of his contacts to fix ours and it only cost 200. Hope you get it all sorted sweetie x