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how often do you eat?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
how often do you lot eat? i find myself eat less and less frequently - i guess the fibre really is filling me up! with me there's probably about a 5 hour gap between eating.

i know eating regularly (every couple of hours) is supposed to keep your metabolism burning quickly...does anyone else eat so frequently?
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I eat breakfast at 7.30am then I make lunch last between 11.30 and 2pm and Dinner at 6.30-7pm. I exercise anywhere between 7.30-8.30 and have a green tea at 9pm.
;I eat when my LU eats...so in the morning within 1 hour -ish of getting up so about 8;30 9am...then about lunch about 1:30ish....and then 5:45 ish dinner. But I stop after that. I drink a lot of water so I usually don't really feel very hungry. You just eat when you feel you are hungry. There is not point in eating for the sake of eating- I think-...because then you are never really satifised....IMO
i never used to eat much or often before SW - thats why i think my body ended up turning what i did eat into fat ! , however i have been trying to snack every 2-3 hrs on fruit (which i am finding hard but trying to keep it up)
to keep my metabolism going - im quite lucky tho as i work with children and we have a fruit bowl accessible at all times for the children and staff to pick at so during the day i dont even have to pay for my fruit :)
If only it were that simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha...well I guess we all have our own ideas. But then ask me in a couple of months and I my have another. I have just come of CDing so I am really understand about having food. But at the end of the day, if you read what your body is telling you, you won' really over eat...it's the eating ( because it's time) just makes you develope the habit of not listening to your body's signals. Plus we all know that if you don't drink enough...you will feel hungry ( which is actually your thirst and not hunger). But then I am probably telling y'all how to suck eggs huh...hahaha

Well it is just my opinion. ;)


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It depends on WHAT I'm eating. If I have meals then I will just have that but mostly when I am at work I eat little and often. I tend to eat through boredom so I get in there first and make sure I have something to munch on all day
i have breakfast at 8.15, lunch at 12.30 and dinner at around 6. i tend to snack -mainly out of habit after my dinner til bed time on whatever is lying around, fruit, pickled onions, cottage cheese, yogurts and if i havent had all my healthy extras i will either have cereal, a hifi bar or toast. also if i havent had all my syns i might run to the corner shop and have some revels or a curly wirly on a night too.

i know i shouldnt eat so much on a night but like i say its really out of habit

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