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how often do you feel hungry?


On a mission
Day 13 and WI tomorrow, so so so nervous. I'd better have lost some weight. I can't tell this week, but have done everything by the book so no reason not to have lost.

So was wondering how long you've been on LT and how often you're hungry?

This weekend has been hard for me as I love cooking so miss it a lot and decided to cook for fiance. Home made tuna fishcakes with salad and homemade mayonaise last night, bacon, spinach and mushroom salad tonight, and egg mayo sarnies tomorrow.
I resisted finger licking, but only just. the egg mayo was difficult as not made mayo since I was 13 and just wanted to know what it tasted like.

So cause of cooking think I am totally starving.
Plus also got one chocolate left - think next week it's 19 choc and 2 vanilla for me only.
Hungry :sigh:
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My 3 Furry Amigos
Wow, you must have so much strength and willpower, just reading what you cooked makes me wanna eat..;) but like yourself I won't.
I never feel hungry now, i have cravings quite a lot but not actual hunger. i was making cookies with the kids earlier & i could have stuffed em all in me chops in one go, but not cos i was hungry. I tend to get thru the cravings by the sniffing technique, i sniff everything & tht seems to help:confused:.
I've been on LT for 18days now & i think hunger stopped after the first 3-4 days


Gold Member
I also never feel proper hungry anymore,but do get cravings every now and then. I could murder a tuna mayo on brown right now ;) but I wont :D.

rainbow brite

I'm the same - I'd still like to eat things but it's not because I'm actually hungry. The only times I tend to get a little hungry is when I'm overdue a shake (I tend to have a routine going so my body knows when it's missing a shake) but then earlier I missed one by an hour and didn't notice because I was busy. I think it just depends.
Yeah i sometimes get the odd tummy rumble and sometimes even a quick sharp hunger pain!!! But it goes very quickly....

I know I dont feel hungry hungry but i dont really have any naughtiness in my life so sometimes I feel like eating to be naughty lol but i never do cos im such a disciplined little angel - i dont smoke - dont take drugs - dont eat - dont drink - dont have sex - i could easily be a nun.

rainbow brite

How many nuns do you know that gamble? ;)
Poker is not gambling.

I dont gamble - I have never placed a bet on something I have no control over - when I play poker I use skill... ;)

There is the same luck and chance in poker as there is in life - sometimes you get lucky but in the long run - skill will determine your success ;)

I do swear though. lol x
Tee hee knew you had to have a vice hidden somewhere :p


On a mission
i;m wondering what's going on. surely you have to be in ketosis after 13 days with no cheating?
Yup, whyfore hun? Don't you think you are?
Day 90 for me and I do still get the occasional rumbling in my tum, like Gemma it is usually when a shake is due - or rather overdue! I do like smells, smells I liked before as well as smells of things I'm not fussed on but I never cheat, little angel me!!!!! (not!)

I keep going by thinking of the next WI - tomorrow for me too! I set myself little targets and I like to achieve them and cheating will hold me back. Just under 11 weeks till my birthday and I sooooooo want to be slimmer by then!


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