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How often do you get on the scales?


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Sorry for the barrage of questions this afternoon. I am excited about being on CD and know how supportive some forums can be so am trying to join in!

How often do you get on your scales? This is my first week and I have resisted doing it so far.

Usually though, I weigh myself twice a day. There can be a difference of up to four pounds between the morning and evening which is very depressing!

I am going to try very hard to only get on the scales at my weigh ins, but I'm not sure how long that will last.
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Too often! About 4-5times a day!! I am obsessed.


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I can't recommend enough staying off the scales as much as possible. It's too easy to let them dictate your mood. I know, I've fallen to it MANY times. So my advice... stay away!!


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When I first started cd 21 weeks ago...... I used to weigh myself 10 times a day..... I was addicted..... now I weigh myself in the morning and occasionally in the evening... but only go by my cdc's scales on weigh in!!
Good luck x


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I'm on and off them morning and evening. I wake up, weigh, wee, then weigh again (usually with a 1.5lb difference!) then weigh before bed too.


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It really doesn't help me to keep getting on the scales as the other week I got on and thought GREAT I'm x amount then when I had my weigh in with my cdc I was so upset as I hadn't lost as much on her scales as on mine!
So now I try and wait until weigh in day!!
Although saying that I weighed myself this morning! LOL...good at giving advice but not following it.
As long as you don't get down if the scales tell you what you don't want to know then I think it's up to you!!


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twice a week on the WII FIT as it charts my BMI as well as my losses. i hate to see the chart going in the wrong direction so make sure i'm good.


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I don't intend to get onto mine at all. Especially as at my first WI on Friday my scales are 7lbs heavier than my CDC's!
S: 16st13lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.77%)
I weigh in way too much!!! completely addicted
Both plus points and negative ones. As I am restarting I swear I am not going to get into this habit!


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I used to get on my scales so often, the battery has now run out!! To be honest, I prefer not being able to weigh myself as I too weigh about 4-5lbs more in the evening and that can be depressing!

If you can resist, try to just weigh with your CDC.

Good luck with your CD journey!


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I weigh myself once a day-first thing in the morning and no more. Only take my weight as what I weigh on a Monday morning.
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I am a serial scale hopper!! I cannot stop myself! However, I am well aware of the increases and decreases during the day, so I only take my actual weight at 6pm (the first time I weighed myself on first week) as the correct one for me!

It can be depressing though when things don't shift for several days so I, like others on here, would say don't do it....but I am no example!!

Maybe we should start a "Scale-hoppers Anonymous" thread!! ....Hi, my name is Tracey and I am a scaleaholic!!

Could luck on your journey...scales or no scales you will do fab!



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I weigh myself every morning. I know its the most accurate weigh-in for. Dont see the point in weighing myself during the day when all I've done is drink. It wouldnt be accurate for me and would make ne miserable to see a gain.


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Every morning.. Hubby has an app on his i-phone for tracking weightloss so I update that each day!


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I, too am a scales addict,-had to have something to replace food! lol! On and off all day, trying to cut down a bit, whilst its not affecting what i do it seems pretty harmless, but could feel different if wasn't losing. Only really count the one about 1/2hr after getting up in the morning before i've drunk gallons. xx


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i am an addict to lol i weigh every morning on wii 3 times in a row and take the lightest result, usually 1st is slightly heavier, second 2 always the same and slightly lighter .... xxx


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I weigh once a week, I have not got any scales at home so thats probably why! x


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i weigh almost everytime i go in the bathroom!!

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