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How often do you weigh yourself?

You should only weigh once a week or tis not accurate and if you see a gain it can throw you off, also it can become obsessive if you weght every day!


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absolutely second Katie there! I only weigh myself once a week at the meeting

(although I have to admit that if I would know how much my home scales are different from the WW scales, I might have the odd peek now and then) Think if you're weighing yourself daily you have a higher chance of panicking yourself with a weightgain that might just appear because of more water/salt intake etc. So if you can honestly say that you only take one day as proper WI day and just out of curiosity step on the scales on those 6 other days of the week, without any influence on your eating - THEN feel free to do so :D


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Have to admitt i weigh myself about a million times a day. once in the morning and a few at night lol. if i didnt i would lose faith and just quit the diet.
I weigh myself every morning but only record my weight on a Friday. It just helps me to stay on track and keeps things in perspective because in reality, I'm not going to actually gain or lose 4 lbs overnight!
I only weigh in once a week now. I did fall into the trap of stepping on a few times a day but it dented my confidence if I saw weight had gone up or not lost what I thought, even if I had a decent loss overall for the week.


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Providing you can remain realistic about what the scales say daily then jump on as often as you like. I think you need to pick a day which you count as your official WI and always remember you can go up and down in the course of the week.
I weigh myself everyday but only count Mondays as official - even though I am now getting a bit more relaxed about that and am not bothered how much I have lost each week - providing they are heading downwards.
I like weighing daily as it reminds me to stay on track - if it is higher I get motivated to get it down and if it lower I get motivated to get it down!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
im the same. i weigh my self every dau but friday is official wi day


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I dont own any scales, which has its pitfalls when OH wants to know how much he weighs! :giggle:
I got into a happit of doing it everyday I think that it helps me stay on track tho :)
At the begininng i used to wi every monrning sometimes evening. Now after 6 weeks on the diet ive calmed down to once or twice a week. only record on a friday morning's WI though
I get weighed once a week (tonight, eek) at my meeting and thats it. I would send myself mental otherwise!! I do wish it was in the morning though because I cant help but think that she is weighing my breakfast and my lunch from today if that makes sense!!
I started the diet 8 days away. I daren't weigh myself. I know if I have not lost I will be devastated and will jack it all in. I don't feel thinner either. I'm gonna wait til I feel thinner! I know but I've been trying ages and I'm paranoid.



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Everyday but always first thing never at night. I only record my WI at my class as my official weight, my scales seem to match my WW class so thats good:)

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