How often do you weigh yourself?


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i weigh daily. if you do that you have to accept that you will have lots of days where you stay the same or gain, and not let that upset you. easier said than done, perhaps.

for me, the problems with weekly weigh-ins are these: if i wait all week for a weigh in, and then it's rubbish, that's a horrible, horrible shock. i found it really upsetting. depressed the hell out of me. The second reason is that some days your weight blips upwards, because of water or whatever. If i only weighed in once a week, and that happened to be a day where i was retaining water, i might think that was the full story - and it would get me down for the whole week.


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I weigh every morning :) but only register a Fridays weight. I used to beat myself up if I stayed the Same from one day to the next but now I just take it and keep on striving

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I weigh every day when I jump on the wii or at my mums!! x


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I weight every day too. Keeps me on my toes an focused watching th numbers decrease is a delightful feeling ?


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i probably shouldnt but i weigh myself every morning... i do it because i want to remind myself that this is how big i am and i have to lose it... then i can start the day focused on my diet. if i see that its not budging i know that i need to up my water intake etc which is something i am quite bad at generally x

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It depends.

If I'm feeling emotionally fragile I don't even want to know my official weigh in result.

Other times I'll weigh daily.

If I'm desperate to know I make a point of avoiding the scales and trying to focus on the fact that my greatest achievement is control. With control comes weight control so that's what I'm aiming for.

It's hard though.


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Every day I'm afraid! I think it is something I would like to continue even when I'm finished, not everyday but every so often so that I can keep my weight in check and NEVER go back to a vlcd


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Each morning, sometimes in the evening as well. I find it motivating ^.^