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How often to people weigh themselves?


maintaining since June'09
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Although a really bad idea I think on the whole people weigh themselves practically daily .... we all know it's not the thing to do but somehow can't seem to help it!

I'm much happier if I can limit myself to every few days but I've never managed to leave it a whole week I'm afraid ...


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Since day 1 I weighed every morning after my first wee wee, naked. Even now on maintenance I still weigh every day, except after nightshifts.


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Since day 1 I weighed every morning after my first wee wee, naked. Even now on maintenance I still weigh every day, except after nightshifts.
I do exactly the same, it's nice to see how the weight drops off daily and what kind of pattern you fall into.


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Well since I am only in week 1 i have been weighing myself daily mainly for 2 reasons: 1. to see if it actually works 2. I bought new scales last Monday and before I decided to do LT and went last wednesday to see about LT and was shocked at the HUGE discrepancies between my scales and the chemists. Chemist W was 18.12, my ones 18.6 but weighed myself this morning on my ones and its sitting at 17.12. So there is a weightloss and it does work, will see on Wed from chemist just how much of one there is. Then i will do my victory dance.


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i cannot help it I weigh myself nearly every day. I know that my scales weigh the same as the pharmacy. I think that I am doing it more so this week because I cannot wait for the scales to go under 11 stone, but they are being stubborn and not playing :cry:still weigh in is on thursday.
I did LT for 3 months and just completed a week of refeed and I ve weighed myself every single day, same time each day and wrote it in my weight loss diary. You shouldnt do this really but it has kept me going and works for me, somedays it says I ve gained a couple of lbs but its always gone a day or two later x


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When I first did this last year, I did do it everyday. This time, as Ive struggled, I have been really good and not weighed myself. Its really hard, but I want to wait until weigh in day and have a person tell me how much I have lost, I am trying to treat it as my reward, and hopefully a good surprise.
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If I'm being good - daily, if I'm not - never :D

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
every morning! Keeps me spurred on to the next day, especially if I'm finding it hard!


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normally daily (or at least every other day)
being weighing my self twice as day for the last few days as my scales are going UP:( :( which is concerning me greatly:(


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I'm afraid to say that i weigh myself every day! it keeps me going now seeing 13 stone something instead of 16 stone something, i think we need to be reassured that we are being successful this time, some days it goes up, but there is always a loss at weigh in. I always weigh naked though!!! i don't know what we think we are going to achieve as in real everyday life one is fully clothed!!!!!!:bliss:


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I weigh myself every day as well, actually I usually weigh myself a couple of times a day, it's a compulsion with me that I really need to break. But I find it inspiring when I see a loss. My scales never say the same as when I have my official WI though, mine are always lighter so I don't know why I even bother. Sitting here on the laptop talking about weighing is really making me wanna go upstairs and weigh myself actually :)


Is a loser :)
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Every single day when doing LT properly as the weight really does seem to drop off...I get so excited and it is motivating.


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Every day for me too (sigh!). If there's a plateau or gain, I want to be able to do something about it straight away.

Oh and I'm also obsessed enough to track it all in an Excel spreadsheet which has a chart so I can see the rate of loss over time. I update it every day there's a change but the chart tracks weekly progress. It really spurs me on to actually see the results like this.

Not such good progress this week so I'm guzzling water like a mad woman!

Sorry to be so obsessed................


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I have to admit to weighing myself daily too. Sometimes i can go 3 or 4 days before i do but not very often lol. Like everyone has said, i too find that its a great feeling to see a loss no matter how small and it spurs you on. I think that its only if you are a certain type of person that weighing yourself often is a bad habit to fall into. Those who get disheartened by seeing their weight stay the same, or see a slight gain and want to turn to food, should definately stay away from it...would make the diet so much harder to stick to!xx


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Daily for me cant help myself...lol Caz xx


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Daily for me too I'm afraid. I have now put the scales in the kitchen. It means I can't weigh myself every time I have so much as a wee to see if it made a difference. :D
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Hi hun he he he I love your Q.... I started again last Wednesday and I vowed I would not weigh myself until this Wednesday which is WI day. I lasted until day 4 he he he. And it was worth it because my scales showed a 7lb weight loss and today a further 2lb loss, I really need it sometimes to see the results and it helps me stick to it for the rest of the day. You do what you need to keep you going. xx

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