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HOW OFTEN.......


Must do it this time
Hi Elaine

I think it varies, my CDC didn't measure me, I would do it myself every 3 or 4 weeks. Didn't do it more often as there wasn't as much of a difference week to week.

My cdc doesnt measure either, she gave me a card to record weight and there is a space on the back that she said I can use if I want, but she only does it if people want it done.


Must do it this time
Thanks porgeous,I can always count on you for an answer.
As stated it`s much appreciated,just wanted to know as i`m due to be weighed tomorrow....
I`ll keep you posted
sorry 1 more quick question if you don`t mind,my cdc never gave me any extra packs for tomorrow til i see her which is at half one,will drinking too much water show an inrease on the scales??
Elaine x



Must do it this time
thanks hh too x
Try and take it easy on the water before your weigh in as yes it can make quite a big difference. I used to get weighed in the evening and would ease off the water about 3hrs before.

my cdc doesnt mesure me but i do it myself. i always get weighed in the mornings with cdc so dont drink anything at all before going. id try and limit it to 1litre before your weigh in if it is at lunch time then get glugging for the rest of the day! good luck :)
my cdc doesnt measure me but she said when i first went it was my job to every week and have done since i started and in 3wks ive lost 91/2in which i was pleased with.

so if u want to just do it urself i just fill in the back bit of weight card.

i also dont get weight till night and i have very little hour after lunch as i found it really affects weighin.

hope this helps ashley xx


Must do it this time
Cheers girls,
1 last question i promise,would you reccomend going to the gym,i`d be going just after the school run,half 9ish just to do some cardio and toning,will this affect my weigh in too,
any advice is appreciated(as always)
Elaine x
My CDC measures my waist every week, in 4 weeks I have lost 14.5cms:D

There is a thread on here about gym versus swimming and most say that if you didn't go to the gym prior to CD then swimming would proably be the best exercise.
On average every 2-3 weeks, she measured me last week as my loss was smaller, but I still lost some inches, so I think it is beneficial to do the measuring as the lbs may be less but the inches more, if that makes sense!


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